Counting Down Until the Weekend {aka Sunday}

This is the week that never ends…it just goes on and on my friends…

I mean, I get that I am spoiled.  Few people work a 4 day work week (although I stuff in a good 10+ hours each day), but when you do only work 4 days a week and have for over 6 years, you get yourself into a nice smooth rhythm that involves 3 long days of recovery.  So a week like this week…is a struggle!  I worked Monday through Wednesday my typical days with two great workouts.  I came home from work last night and crashed onto the floor with Cooper and couldn’t find the energy to arise.  10 minutes later (with encouragement from the BOY), I was able to motivate myself off the floor and into the kitchen to make dinner.  I went to bed nice and early last night, and I slept in a bit this morning which was delightful, had a light work day, and was then off to the local elementary school for their After School Enrichment program, where I teach kids yoga.


I have an energetic group of nine K-1st graders in the class.  Today, we went on an African safari.  They got really into it which makes the afternoon so much fun!  (Note: above is recycled picture from summer on similar Air Africa flight).  Since my work day ends after the class at 4pm, it gives me a nice opportunity to hit the books.  With the busy start to the work week combined with my not feeling 100% status, I haven’t been studying as much as I had hoped.   Thankfully, my cold/sinuses seem to be (slowly) getting better.  I debated finally going to the doctor today, but decided that I was better…just really run down.


I planned to go straight from work to the library and actually chose the library in the town over, which is on my way home (as opposed to our library which is past our house).  I worked 3 straight hours and felt great about all that I accomplished.  And as I left at 7:20, felt super hungry.  I swung by the grocery store to grab us some dinner.



The BOY was craving ramen and requested that I bring home the best cheap ramen that I could find.  Which I did!  And then cracked open a bottle of red wine.  After the week I’ve had (and because I finally feel better), I needed a glass two glasses while we watched the Indiana game.


Red wine + a new box for Cooper + an awesome IU basketball game…life doesn’t get any better in this house.!!!  Which leads me to this moment…savoring my last sips of wine, babbling on my blog, and planning for Saturdays 3 yoga classes.  Tomorrow, I have an early morning and a long day of learning at a continuing ed class.  Then Saturday, it’s back to work for my jam packed kids yoga classes.  Like I said…this is the week that doesn’t end!  But Sunday is right around the corner and then my real weekend begins!

How do you count down until the weekend?

5 thoughts on “Counting Down Until the Weekend {aka Sunday}

  1. Friday Jeans day! My principal likes us to wear nice clothes all week but on Fridays we can wear jeans-it makes things a little easier-especially since all I have to add is a school or autism T and I am done! Accessories not required-oh and I get to wear a pair of running shoes-my feet are even happy.

  2. I love that you teach kids yoga! So, so awesome 🙂 I’m counting down to the weekend as soon as I wake up Monday morning… I don’t think that’s a good sign! Have a wonderful weekend teaching!

    • It’s night, but I know that feeling all too well! Saw some old coworkers today and was feeling thankful for where life has brought be professionally. The teaching takes time to plan (and make good playlists) but once I”m in my groove I love it!

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