Weekly Workouts {You Should Try}

While reading Women’s Running Magazine this weekend, I came across a speed workout.  Usually I try to do a ladder type run or long intervals along the track.  But when I walked into the gym Tuesday morning before work, I was just happy to get there.  And when I looked at the track, I just wasn’t feeling it.


Luckily, I had read the magazine and used it for inspiration creating this easy-ish workout.

5 minute warm up

30 second sprint/ 90 second recovery (any speed…just faster than your warm up)

Repeat 10 times

5 minute cool down

Some planks!

It was the perfect 30 minute, ‘I’m recovering (I hope!) from a cold and don’t really feel like running, but I just signed up for my first race of the year (woo hoo!) and I love running run!’  Does that make any sense?  Well, it seemed to.  With the temporary changes in my work schedule, Sunday-Tuesday seem to be the best days for me to exercise. So I was up again even earlier this morning for the 6am strength class.



This morning’s workout was brutal.  Warm up…100 crunches (you choose)…and then sprint/strength intervals (ie sprint 10 burpees x2, sprint squat jumps x2, sprint push ups x2…etc. you get it).  Then it was back to the crunches and back to the intervals.  Like I said, brutal!  And made worse by my lack of energy situation.  On my way home, I downed some beet juice (a new favorite).  I know I should save money and make my own but it is just so much easier to buy it.  Both workouts were fantastic, but I’m looking forward to a day off tomorrow.  I had another busy day of work and now I feel a bit like this…


Sweet Dreams!

7 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts {You Should Try}

    • Oh I didn’t know that. I hate beets but can’t get enough of the juice. Yum! Yes, I was trying to stick within the exercise to boost my immune system but not too much to knock it down. I think it’s working : )

  1. So intense! But that’s what makes you feel it 🙂 especially burpees…there’s nothing that will get you feeling sore like a bunch of burpees. Incorporating sprints into workouts is so important — you have this whole “balanced workout” thing down.

    • Thanks Lauren! I strive for balance and feel like it is always a work in progress! Burpees are a beast and my trainer knows that I hate them and laughs when he makes me do them (sometimes holding the crazy heavy rope). Ugh! I”m still sore : )

    • The soldier field 10 miler. It’s fun and easy and I’ve done it the past few years. I am trying to time a tri around wedding stuff early this summer and then planning to take it easy to enjoy showers, parties, etc. before fall!

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