Super Short Weekend



While most people (in the US) are looking forward to their 3 day weekend, I (who usually has a 3 day weekend) had a puny 1 1/2 day weekend.  Not to worry, I packed a lot in!  After Saturday’s kids yoga class, I met my besties for some bridesmaid dress shopping, lunch, and All Chocolate Kitchen.  Yum!  When I got home, I hit the books preparing for this morning’s study session. 

IMG_20150117_165106586 (2)

I went to bed nice and early (thanks to my NyQuil induced haze) and awoke this morning groggy and ready to turn off my alarm.  But since I was meeting a friend at the 8am yoga class, I powered through.  And I was happy that I did!  Because the class was amazing (although my balance was a bit off with the stuffed up head and all) and because I got to catch up with my friend!  My nose didn’t slow me down too much and by 11am, I was parked at Potbelly feeding my post yoga hunger with a tasty toasted sandwich.


I met my study buddy to discuss how not prepared we are for our test 8 weeks away.  When she left, I stayed to continue working until the place became overrun with Sunday soccer kids.  Not ready to be completely finished, I walked a few doors down to Starbucks where I found a seat in the sunshine and downed refillable green tea while making my way through a long and tedious chapter.


I finally gave up just before 3 heading out into the last of the sunshine.  I made two stops on my way home, Whole Foods and Mariano’s, for food for the week.  Since I’m working tomorrow, I had to battle the Sunday crowds which was slightly annoying and even worse because my nose started to run.  When I came home, I was exhausted and the sweet BOY helped me unpack all of the food.  I watched the end of the IU game with him and then we made dinner.


Due to lack of energy and creativity, I kept this week’s meal plan SUPER simple!  I picked up a lot of easy to make meats and veggies and thawed out some chili from the freezer for lunch.  I grabbed some cold pressed juice to help me battle my cold and healthy snacks.  I certainly didn’t meet my goal of cooking each week, but I am hoping to have more time next weekend to try some of the new recipes I’ve been pinning.  Looks like I’ll have a sous chef!


I have a packed 4 days of work followed by a Friday continuing ed class but then a full 3 day weekend to recuperate!

Meal Planning 1/18/15

Sunday: Chicken Stirfry

Monday: Potato Bar

Tuesday: BBQ Pork Tenderloin and Brussel Sprouts

Wednesday: Turkey Taco Meatloaf

The rest of the week is TBD!  My brain couldn’t get wrapped around anything that far in advance : )


What did you do this weekend?

Was it long or short?

11 thoughts on “Super Short Weekend

  1. There is a Library book called Elf on a Shelf in the Library. It talks about Library rules-
    You have “Cooper” on a Shelf-you could write a really cute book of all the places he likes to go -with pictures of course since he is one of the most photogenic cats I’ve ever seen.
    Feel better!

  2. Hope you feel better, it is tough to be so busy and not feel 100%! I had a long weekend but I’m back to class tomorrow, so as of today there will be no more long weekends for me! Hang in there, and get some rest!! 🙂

  3. I did work this weekend, but anytime I have time away from school it feels like a weekend!! Thankfully I had today off too! That cupboard kitty is too much, I love it.

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