Mid January Updates

Happy weekend! 

It’s been a busy start to 2015 and my plate is fairly full right now.  What this means…that at the end of the day, there just isn’t enough time to do all of the things that I want to do.  And sadly, blogging isn’t a top priority right now.  So I thought I’d take a minute to fill you in on Life Lately

HEALTH:  I have a cold.  It has been slowly coming on for about a week now, starting with fatigue and currently I’m at the red, puffy, and runny nose stage. I am working hard to prevent it from turning into a full blown sinus infection, but currently walking around like a bit of a medicine head.


TEST: Less than 2 months away and I am trying to get in as much study time as possible.  I feel a bit behind and keep looking for more hours in the day (or more energy at the end of the day) to catch up.


WORK: My schedule is busy.  Kids yoga is back on Saturdays, and I am teaching an after school enrichment to kindergarteners on Thursdays.  I LOVE it!  All of it!  But the planning is time consuming, and I try to have new and exciting playlists for the kiddos each week.


EXERCISE: My goal was to maintain my 5 day per week exercise streak.  However, with the change to my work schedule, this has been tough.  I am getting LOTS of exercise moving and dancing about with the kids.  For inspiration, I have been attending a bunch of yoga classes.  Last weekend, I was at the studio 4/5 days working out and finding balance.  I’m hoping that my nose is well enough to meet a friend at the 8am class tomorrow.


WEDDING: I was feeling really good about where we were at in regards to wedding planning…and then 2015 arrived!  We had our first snafu and had to find a new photographer, got our tasting scheduled for the end of this month, and today I went bridesmaid dress shopping. 


READING: Just found out today that The Boston Girl is available and waiting for me at the library.


LIFE: I’ve been looking back and reflecting on the past year and focusing on the exciting future ahead!  Hoping to have my 2015 bucket list accomplished soon.


Have you been busy?  Update me on your month!

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