Bucket List 2014 {The Wrap Up}

Every year it amazes me how much faster the second half of the year wizzes by.  One day it’s the start of fall, you blink, and suddenly you’re popping bubbly at New Years Eve.  As I mentioned 6 months ago, I spent 2014 in a good place!  A year ago, I was in need of a life change.  I started a new job, pursued my passions, put effort into relationships, committed to taking care of myself, and spent 2014 appreciating the joys in my life!


By the end of 2014, I couldn’t feel more fulfilled!  Instead of looking on to 2015 to make changes, I am PUSHing through to 2015 with excitement and anticipation.

2014 Bucket List

Living Life

Reorganize (and follow) my Budget-This would be my major fail of the year.  Although I am disappointed, I know that it is hard to do everything perfectly.  In some ways, this is the area I’ve chosen not to stress over.  However, with a wedding 10 months away, a budget will be a MUST in 2015.

Continue to Volunteer-I volunteered for St. Jude at Beer Fest again this year and participated in the St. Jude fashion show.  The BOY and I have also made a point of donating money (to Cooper’s shelter) and food to local community places.


Unplug Consistently-I have consciously blogged less this year.  Choosing sometimes to participate in life instead of documenting it.  I think that has allowed me to find better balance in my day to day life and dive into some amazing books this year.

Learn a New Skill (I’m taking tennis lessons!)-We started the year off with our tennis lessons, but then finals, travel, and the bar have gotten in the way of our planned weekly tennis dates.  The plan is to get back into tennis this month once we figure out where we want to play indoors.  Also exciting to add…my dad wants to play too!

Initiate Home Yoga/Meditation-I have been VERY consistent with my yoga practice (win!), but not soo much at home.  And I think that is okay.  I am also learning more about meditation and relaxation as I work to do a better job of guiding the kids through their relaxation time during their class.  I have certainly grown in this area and am excited to see what is to come in the year ahead.

Create Original Recipes-Yea, about that…with much of my time going to work, exercise, yoga, and life I have been letting the BOY  (who currently has way more free time than I do) take on more of a role with meal planning and meal prep.  This has worked well for us!

Travel to Wine Country-The trip we’ve been talking about for years did not disappoint.  And I’m not just talking about the surprise I got in Muir Woods : )  We spent one week in San Fran, Pleasanton, Napa and Sonoma hiking, exploring, drinking, eating, laughing, and creating memories.  I loved EVERY minute and hope that we can get back again soon!



Make a Move

Hike More-We did an amazing hike in Las Vegas and hiked twice on our California trip.

Do an Olympic Distance TriUnfortunately, with the busy summer I wasn’t able to fit in the training for any distance triathlons.  I have a feeling this will be back on the 2015 list.

Weight Train and Look/Feel Toned-I started working with a new trainer and committed to 5 days a week workouts.  I think that overall my arms and legs are more toned and definitely stronger.  This is huge during my active work day.  There is still work to do on my middle, but there is usually work to do on my middle : )  Chugging along into the new year hoping to continue to get stronger!


Do a Century Bike Ride-There was a lot of yoga this year and more strength training than years past, but my bike and I never found a consistent routine.

Stretch Consistently (like for real)-Does yoga count?  For sure!  My goal for stretching has to do with keeping my body limber to be able to place the strong demands of my work day and running/workout schedule on my body.  Since it was a fairly injury free year, I’d say that this has been a success.

Hello Skinny Jeans!-Hi, it’s nice to see you again!

2014-07-12 20.10.06

Highlights of 2014

Vacation in California

The BOY Passing the Bar

Good Times with Cooper

Fall Fiesta

Getting Engaged!

Teaching Kids Yoga


Hosting Thanksgiving

The BOY’s Swearing in

Getting a Sister

My Brother’s Wedding

Christmas in Champaign


What was the highlight of your year?

8 thoughts on “Bucket List 2014 {The Wrap Up}

  1. You had quite the year!! I have really focused on unplugging more and not documenting every single things I do, because really who wants to read EVERYTHING!? I think 2015 is going to be wonderful.

  2. Aw, what an awesome year you had! I love your zest for life and seizing every moment 🙂 I’ll be channeling you this year, as I’m desperately in need of a change. There will be doing instead of talking! Cheers to an amazing 2015, dear!

    • Oh Erin…I remember when we talked about this last year. Wishing you all the best with your change and I know that you will find the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s worth it…I promise!

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