PUSH Through

I had to work a partial day yesterday starting at 7:30am.  Like last week, I was planning to meet with my trainer at the gym after work. He mentioned that he would be part of an end of year workout around that time.  Can’t remember if I mentioned that my yoga studio did a 90 day PUSH challenge inspiring us to turn the last 90 days of the year into healthy, happy, and strong ones.  This was the last workout with the group.  I had told the instructors that I’d probably be late and I ran out of work and drove as quickly as I could to the gym.  On my drive over, it occurred to me in between working through the rest of my night in my head that it was the LAST day of 2014.  Wow!  Did that sneak up on me?

At the gym, I changed, laced up my sneaks, grabbed some water and booked it to the workout room…which was empty.  However, the hot yoga studio was FULL. Oh!  Apparently, it was a yoga class not a our typical strength style class.  Not only did I not have a towel, I didn’t have my yoga mat.  In a split second, I walked back up front to ask to borrow a mat (luckily they know me), changed into a tank top, unlaced my shoes and entered the steamy room barefoot and unsure.  I was able to find a spot without disrupting too many people and take a moment to ground myself.

What immediately popped into my mind was the metaphor this class was for life.  You don’t always know what your walking into and you don’t always have the right equipment, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and can’t be successful.  It wasn’t comfortable for me to walk in late to a class with an unfamiliar mat, but from discomfort often comes growth.  As I set my intention for the class and the year ahead, I chose to focus on the positivity.  How lucky was I to make to this class today for an awesome mental and physical workout.  Plus, without the block, I challenged myself to try balance poses without the added support and felt strong and accomplished.


After the class, we had protein balls and a champagne toast.  I headed home for a shower and to pick up our house.  And of course watch the Indiana game.  I decided to stray from my blog tradition of years past because the BOY and I hosted my best friend and her husband for dinner and a NYE celebrations.  We brought in steaks, caught up on life, dug in to warm caramel brownies, and rung in the year with fun, friendship, spiced butter rum, and of course bubbles.


The countdowns were as disappointing as ever, but our evening was a special one!  We have a memorable year ahead of us and I am looking forward to PUSHing on through into 2015!


How did you celebrate your new years eve day and night?


November/December Goals

1. Exercise 5 days per week-  I did it!  Except for 1 or 2 weeks (and this week), I rocked this goal and really enjoyed it!

2. Host our first Thanksgiving– GOAL MET!

3. Teach a community yoga class-GOAL MET!

4. Eat clean (even during the holidays)-I did pretty good here…the last few weeks were the toughest (all those holiday sweets and bubbles), but overall it was a healthy holiday season.

5. Study Hard-I was doing well with this until last week.  Looking to get back into my study routine starting tomorrow!


January Goals to Come…

5 thoughts on “PUSH Through

  1. Great NYE!! Way to keep your goals up in the last 2 months of the year. Those are always the hardest!! 🙂
    I worked 1/2 day. Went to the grocery store and 3 other stores trying to find an 8 inch skillet so I could make a chocolate chip skillet cookie for dessert. Worked out. Cooked dinner and had friends over for dinner, dessert, and cards! I can’t believe it is 2015!!

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