Celebrating Hanukkah (in 3 words per picture)

As of Sunday night, our household state of affairs was a bit chaotic!

The sink was over flowing, our fridge empty, Christmas cards barely mailed, and the BOY and I exhausted!  Last week, was a busy work week and my entire body was sore and tired by Friday night.  Saturday morning, I met my mom at an invigorating hot yoga class.  She came by to play with Cooper as the BOY and I got ready for our weekend in the city.  We drove down Saturday afternoon to spend some time with my brother and sister in law.  My sister in law and I started by doing some returns and last minute holiday shopping on Southport.  We returned to a house with two happy boys having just watched two Big Ten basketball victories.   The rest of our evening was food and fun filled followed by a fantastic Sunday morning Hanukkah Party.  I got see a close friend in town from New York and spend time with some of my favorite people.  Oh and did I mention there were presents?

In 3 words per photo, I’ll fill you in…


Best New Combo!



Can’t Get Enough



Cheese Plate Obsession



We LOVE Bubbles!



Go to Sunda



It’s Too Dark



Time For Hanukkah



Awake Too Late



Huge Hanukkah Celebration


How was your weekend (in 3 words)?

13 thoughts on “Celebrating Hanukkah (in 3 words per picture)

  1. Did you cut your hair? Super cute! What’s the can’t get enough combo?! Bubbly, raspberries and gelato?! Looks delicious!

    Happiest holidays to you!

  2. […] for the BOY to come home and grill shrimp.  I have never been a cauliflower fan, but after the most amazing dinner we had a Sunda, I have been interested in the pale veggie.  I thought it’d be fun to do an Asian […]

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