More Than Okay

I have a long list of things that I want to do before the end of the year.  They include writing my usual ‘end of year’ blog posts about the best recipes, photos and memories wrapping up 2014 in the blogosphere. 


There’s also my annual Baking Bonanza that involves my mom and I, packages of softened butter, new cookie recipes, an over heated kitchen, more bags of chips than we know what to do with, and perhaps some mulled wine.


I have holiday cards I want to send, taking time to write a personal note to each of our friends and family wishing them a special season ahead.  A menorah and Hanukkah candles to find (before Tuesday, I believe).  There are recipes I hope to make, and workouts that I want to run.  I have Christmas gifts, ideas running through my head, that I need to buy.


I have returns to make and bills to pay.  Pages to read and outlines to write.  Countless more hours to log at the library while sipping on ginormous cups of caffeinated soda.


There is a constant to do list (did I make that dentist appointment?) running through my head with an upcoming deadline of December 31st.  How did we get to December already?  Clearly I was not prepared : )

Meanwhile, I really want to spend time cuddled with my kitten cruising through my latest book.


And stay up late watching IU basketball while drinking bubbles with the BOY.  Then waking up really late, enjoying tea and brunch in my PJ’s.

I want to make our New Years Eve plans and host a party for our friends in January. 

I’d like to get in as many outdoor runs as I can before the impending and feared Polar Vortex, and bask in the awesome energy of a daily yoga practice.


It occurred to me as I was spewing out a constant stream of thought to the BOY before bed last night that I will not be able to fit it all in to the next 19 days. 


And then I decided that that was okay!

Cookies can be baked and shared in January and hand written holiday cards are appreciated no matter when they arrive.  Amazon has 2 day shipping for a reason, and I’m not so sure you guys even care about the Most Popular LWYD Recipes or Search Terms of 2014.


Books will get read…

Bubbles will pop open…

Blog posts will get written (or they won’t)…

Naps will be taken…


Weights will be lifted…

Cookies will be baked…

Kids yoga will be taught…

Life will be lived…


And time will be spent with family and friends!

And that is more than okay…that is fantastic!

So please excuse me if I don’t fit something important into these next few weeks.  I might just be a little busy…

7 thoughts on “More Than Okay

  1. GREAT post and message! You’re right- the stuff that needs to get finished will, and if some is a little late or doesn’t get done at all, that’s fine too!
    I hope you manage naps with Cooper, some wine and champagne, and all the other good things on your list 🙂

    • Thank you Abby! Cooper and I have definitely gotten in some extra cuddles this weekend and I plan on having a big glass of red wine while I right my holiday cards sometime in the next few days. I love this time of year for so many reasons and just have to focus on those instead of all the nagging ‘to do’ stuff : )

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