Gong Journey

We had a nice quiet weekend, which after a busy week, worked out perfectly!

I started Saturday with the kids yoga classes.  We  had a huge crew in our 8-12 year old group which was hectic but fun!


Then it was off to the library for another study session with the BOY.  It is helpful that he is preparing for finals because it gets my butt to the library too.  A huge Coke Zero is a must to get through the long chapters on childhood development and diagnosis.  After the library, the BOY and I swung by the grocery store to pick up dinner.  We had a calm night in with some wine and TV, and I woke up this morning refreshed and ready to hit the books again…even with Cooper as a distraction.  I call this his sea otter pose : )


Around noon, my mom arrived and off we drove to the yoga studio for a hot yoga and gong mediation.  A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting the Gong Guru and participating in a yoga class and gong meditation at my studio.  When I was teaching last week, I saw the sign for this class, and my mom and I immediately signed back up.


This afternoon’s yoga class was simple and challenging, as we moved through poses focusing on strength with the deep sound of the drum egging us on.  Despite waking up feeling a bit sore this morning, on my mat I felt light and free.  After our yoga practice, I found a comfy reclined position (using blocks and a bolster) for our relaxation.  The vibrations were incredible, and I was able to sink deep into a relaxed state for the entire meditation.


I set my intention for the practice to stay physically and mentally healthy as 2014 comes to an end.   And afterwards, I felt incredible.  My mom and I went out for some green juice before I made my way back home.  If you’ve never tried a gong meditation, you definitely should.  Especially this time of year as life gears up for craziness, it’s great to sit back and enjoy some reflective, quiet time.


And maybe a cat nap!


How do you stay calm and grounded during the holidays?

12 thoughts on “Gong Journey

  1. You do realize that Cooper is almost dog like-he is not a stand-offish kind of cat. The gong meditation sounds really great.
    I absolutely DO NOT let the holidays get to me-I love Christmas and the carols and the decorating but we don’t have family in IL so it’s just the 4 of us and it is quiet. When she was little, DD, always managed to get really sick (asthma or something else) so I learned quickly that Christmas comes no matter what you do or don’t get done. This year she’s having surgery (like tomorrow to repair a hernia) so she will be a little quiet for awhile.
    I do try to keep working out though-
    I think your kid yoga looks amazing! Kids are so flexible anyway and what a wonderful thing for them to do!

    • Debi, thanks for your comment! I hope that all goes well with DD. I totally agree that keeping perspective is the way to ‘survive’ the holidays. It’s about being together and having fun, enjoying the food, carols, and decor and celebrating the year that was.

  2. […] Post gong sleep is nothing shy of GLORIOUS!  Although I had an alarm set this morning, I  reset it and snoozed an incredible 10 straight hours.  I considered calling my trainer to cancel in order to stay in bed, but when I realized I had to get out of bed to make the call, it seemed pointless. […]

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