Five for Friday XXVIII

1.  It was wonderful having a nice long weekend after Thanksgiving to catch up on sleep, family time, household stuff, and studying.  Imagine my surprise when I picked up a bug of sorts and bee lined home at lunch on Tuesday with an upset stomach.  Boo!  Thankfully, I had a loving nurse to nap with me.



2. Good thing, I was feeing better by Thursday night to go to the BEARS game!  Although the Bears played…well, like the Bears.  I still had a great time with my brother.



3. It was all fun and games until I couldn’t find a taxi after the game and had to SPRINT like I was running the Chicago Marathon to the train station.  I would have missed the train, but it was running late.  I arrived in a heap of sweatiness but was so happy I didn’t have to wait another two hours until the 12:40am train!  Perhaps I shouldn’t have stopped to take this selfie : )



4.  On the way downtown, I tail gated with tea and a turkey sandwich while I finished the book I’ve been reading (and loving) called What Alice Forgot.  It is about a woman who wakes up missing 10 years of memories and in a completely different place in her life than she expected.  It is well written and definitely gets you thinking.


5.  To wrap up the week, the BOY and I had Friday night date night of Thai food and Prosecco.  Happy Friday to All!



Tell me about your week…what’s new and fabulous?

13 thoughts on “Five for Friday XXVIII

  1. I’ve heard that’s a good book; I’ll have to get it!
    Lol- love that you stopped for a selfie when you were running late 🙂
    Hmm- new and fabulous? Well, we had Kelly’s work holiday party last night and I ate such delicious food!

    • Oh that sounds like fun! We never have any holiday parties to go to but I wish we did!

      You’ll have to let me know what you think of the book. I picked up Wild yesterday at the library and I am excited to read that next.

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