First Timers

The BOY and I hosted our first Thanksgiving this year!


It was my idea and the BOY immediately got on board researching turkey recipes and reserving two birds for the big day.  Last weekend as I had about 2 hours to prep for the day, I had a moment of freak out.  But then, I realized…we had distributed the work load to the experts (ie our families) and even if the turkey didn’t turn out, it’d be a great story about the time we tried to host Thanksgiving.  Plus, we’d all be together and that was the most important part of the holiday.  As we got closer, it occurred to me that I probably should have taken Wednesday off.  But I thought further and realized that we really didn’t want to set the standard too high on our meal because then there would be no place to but up and all we really needed to do was pull it off (being newbie first timers and all…ha ha!)


The brining began at 2 in the morning (don’t  ask!) and the turkeys were prepared and ready for their day.  I started my Thanksgiving with a pre food coma strength training workout with my trainer.  He didn’t go easy on me and I appreciated that!


Everyone arrived around 11:30am for the Bears game and appetizers.

IMG_20141127_114224134_HDR IMG_20141127_114242564

IMG_20141127_122535084_HDR IMG_20141127_133052972

The Bears disappointed as expected but nobody was too upset because there was plenty of delicious food and great conversation.  I was in charge of stuffing and not surprisingly, I went to my trusty crockpot with this recipe for Cranberry Pecan Stuffing.  It turned out AMAZING and has actually changed my opinion on stuffing (I used to not be a fan and today I dug right into leftovers).


The BOY made two turkeys, one on the grill and one in the oven.  He went back and forth basting, and I attempted to figure how to time all of the gorgeous sides our guests made in one oven.

IMG_20141127_162541452 IMG_20141127_162636067

At 4:30pm, everyone chipped in to change over the living room to a dining room set with my grandma’s china for 11.  The BOY cut and plated his stunning birds and everyone gathered for dinner.

IMG_20141127_162911816 IMG_20141127_163709399

Cooper came down just as we were being seated (he must have smelled turkey) and the BOY and I said a few words thanking our families for all that they have done for us and cheersing to the exciting year ahead!


And then everyone dug right in!

IMG_20141127_164122334 IMG_20141127_164732226_HDR

All of the food was AMAZING and the BOY was praised for his excellent turkeys!  After dinner, everyone found comfortable places to sit back and relax and continue their conversations.  Even Cooper met a new friend…


Despite full tummies, we all found room for dessert.


Before leaving, everyone collected their leftovers and made their way home.  We did a quick pick up before collapsing on the couch.  The most exhausted out of all of us…Cooper!


The BOY and I also had a deep night’s sleep waking up refreshed.  I began my day at the yoga studio with a glorious practice dedicated to our families who shared this special holiday with us creating a new holiday tradition.   And of course, we feasted on leftovers for dinner tonight!

Share your Thanksgiving Traditions!


Tips For Hosting Your First Thanksgiving

(just a few things I learned along the way)



1.Have fun

2. Ask for help-everyone is always happy to make or bring something

3. Know your space-and use it wisely

4. Keep it simple-put time into what needs time and don’t sweat the small stuff

5. Stay true to yourself-get creative and make the holiday your own

6. Remember what’s important-being together is the MOST important part of the holiday!  Everything else is just gravy : )

19 thoughts on “First Timers

  1. How fun! Looks like your first year of hosting Thanksgiving was a success! And, the turkeys… YUM! Getting up at 2a to start the brining process looked well worth it 🙂

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