Lately I’ve Been (VI)…

Waking up early to go to the gym


Watching the Bears finally win!

Drinking Napa wine

Buying new makeup


Making Buffalo Chicken Chili for our annual chili party

Planning for Thanksgiving

Running in the snow


Laughing at the Big Bang Theory

Studying for a professional test

Reading books in my kids yoga class


Taking the BOY to Bonefish for his birthday dinner

Reading a great new book!

Meal planning

Taking Cooper selfies



What have you been doing lately?

10 thoughts on “Lately I’ve Been (VI)…

  1. I DON’T run in the snow- I’m too cautious these days. I break too easily! However I did run on Sat when it was only 16 and the dog wouldn’t even go out ( I think his coat may embarrass him ;0) ). I love the kids book title, what fun!
    I made your pumpkin chili-it was wonderful. Keep sending all the great recipes!!

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