A Little Snow Can’t Stop Me

Hey All! 

Happy Halloween!


This Halloween Friday was a great way to wrap up the work week.  Although there was talk of the ‘worst storms in 18 years’, it turned out to be a relatively dry (although super windy) day.  In fact, we woke up this morning with SNOW on our cars.  I was lucky enough to go into work late and had planned on an AM run.  Let me tell you…after the last winter we had, ain’t no sprinkling of snow gonna to stop me from running outside on a day like today.  I dressed in some warm weather gear, complete with wool socks, and took to the path for a chilly but sunny run.


By the time I got home, I was sweating!  And super happy that  little chill didn’t persuade me out of my run.  After work, the BOY and I went out for dinner.  As we discussed dessert, I confessed that I have been craving some spiked cider.  The BOY agreed and offered up his bourbon to compliment the sweet cider we found at the store.


I warmed up the cider with cinnamon sticks and cloves and we sipped this warm bevvy while we watched the Bulls game.


The plan is to head to bed early as I am teaching kids yoga on Saturdays at work starting tomorrow morning.  We are doing a fall theme and I am excited for this new group of kids to begin.  I have a nice mix of kids who have participated in past classes and new kids.  Each class, my confidence and skills grow and we always have a lot of fun!  Although it also sounds like fun to stay up drinking warm adult beverages : )  I was thinking mulled wine for Thanksgiving, but we might have to switch that to spiked cider!


Since it’s the last day of the month, it’s GOAL time!  But first, the BOY just put on a Michael Jackson song and Cooper immediately hit the ground break dancing.  I wish I had captured it on video because he’d be a YouTube sensation!


So anyways…we were talking about goals.

September/October Goals

1. Really start eating more greens

I’ve been better but not great!

2. Do weekly yoga

Yes!  Between teaching the kids and my own practice, including unique workshops and gong meditations, I’ve been getting in a lot of yoga and loving it!

3. Go for long bike rides

Major fail! Even with the best of intentions, I haven’t had the time to get my bike out for any long rides.  We’ll have to see if the weather stays warm enough for any future rides to come.

4. Volunteer for the marathon

My mom and I had a BLAST volunteering this year.

5. Move forward with wedding plans

Some have told me that I need to slow down but I am super happy to share that most (if not all) of our big wedding plans are set and booked.  We will definitely be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the months ahead!


November/December Goals

1. Exercise 5 days per week

*Just a little background…I joined a group at the yoga studio PUSHing us to work hard to meet my goals during the last 90 days of the year.  One of the goals is to workout 5 days a week.  So far, I have rocked this goal (hence the sunrise pic above).  Hoping to keep this up through the end of the year.  BTW…PUSH stand for Persist Until Something Happens.

2. Host our first Thanksgiving

3. Teach another community yoga class

4. Eat clean (even during the holidays)

Since the end of the year is usually busy, I’m going to keep the goals simple and doable and end them (and this post) there…


How did you celebrate Halloween?

What are your goals for the last 60ish days of the year?

10 thoughts on “A Little Snow Can’t Stop Me

  1. Shhhhh don’t say the a word! We are looking to get some snow on Sunday and I’m just not looking forward to it! I am in a serious love of yoga spot right now. Good luck on your goals! And way to get 5 workouts in a week!!

  2. We celebrated by dressing as tight pants from Jimmy Fallon 🙂 Great goals from the month! I’m not really eating sugar right now (though there have been a few slip-ups) and am starting tomorrow again with my tri coach, working toward my big goals for next season!

  3. Crazy there are so few days left this years!
    So fun you’re teaching kids yoga on Saturdays.I hope it went well!
    My goal is to stay healthy (not get sick hopefully, continue exercising, and cut down on sugar)!

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