Don’t Fight the Gong!

I feel good when I do yoga!

I eat good, I sleep good, I communicate good, I am just a good version of myself when I take a little time each week to get grounded.  This Friday found me at the yoga studio for the third time this week week.  I’ll start at the beginning…

Monday was my weekly session with the trainer.  Things are going well with my new trainer and although I miss my friend, my arms and legs are getting stronger and I am closer to meeting my goal of doing a pull up (without all the random body waves I need now…ha  ha!)  On my way in, I saw this sign…


And immediately called my mom to see if she was free to do this hot yoga gong meditation with me.  Thursday morning, I was back at the studio for the 6am strength class. I think this was my third weekend in a row getting there, so I am working myself back into the swing of pre sunrise wake ups in a anticipation of the dark, cold mornings to come.


Thursday was my last kids yoga class of the fall session.  For the little ones, we did a super fun pirate themed class and my older kids did some fun acro tricks and an intense dance off to Shake it Off (by Taylor Swift).  I’m sure you can imagine : )  Then, I paired up with an adult yoga teacher to teach my first ever community yoga class.  We opened it up to all ages and abilities with a fee of a donation to the local food pantry.  I had no idea who would show up age wise and was pretty nervous all day.  We ended up with a mix of adults with their teenage children.  They  got playful with our intro games, moved easily through the flow of poses, and lost themselves in their final relaxation.


It was a fantastic class and a huge success!  I was exhausted when I got home Thursday night and had the deepest sleep.  I almost didn’t get myself out of bed  Friday morning.  By Friday night, I was dragging a bit after the work week, but I met my mom in the parking lot of the yoga studio for dinner.  It was such a gorgeous night that we ate seated in the back of her car enjoying the warm fall evening.


Then we changed and got ready for the first ever gong yoga class at my studio.  The Gong Guru played throughout our practice and then led us through an intense drum/gong meditation.  After a long week, it was difficult to turn off my ‘chatty’ left brain, but I felt the vibrations throughout my entire body bringing healing and relaxation with them.  He is a master of rhythm!  I did my best not to ‘fight the gong’ and it turned out to be an absolutely magical evening!  Even more special because I experienced it with my mom.


We may be Gong Groopies now!  When I got home, I sealed my practice with a glass of Prosecco and a few squares of Godiva dark chocolate. 

It was a magnificent week of yoga that left me feeling ready for the beautiful weekend ahead!

9 thoughts on “Don’t Fight the Gong!

  1. Sounds like you had a great experience! I’ve never been to a full gong class, but I have been to a class where a gong was played at the end of class, and it was an interesting experience. It’s nice that your mom was able to come along for the fun, too!

  2. I admit I’m very sheltered in the yoga world, but I’ve never heard of gong yoga. Sounds fascinating, and like a great way to end a busy week!
    And congrats on co-teaching the community class!

    • Thanks!
      I don’t know too much either expect what I learned on Friday. The gong gives vibrations that you feel throughout your body, especially since your body is mostly water. It’s a great way to meditate for sure!

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