Six for Saturday

I think that I wrote a post about my meals and recipes this week, but never posted it.  Ah…another one of those weeks!  Fall is officially here, and I love the vibrant colors of the leaves.  It was a fairly busy week, and I missed my Friday post too (worst blogger ever!), so thought I could push it off to Saturday with an extra something to add.


1. We saw Gone Girl with a few friends last night and it was fantastic!  Even the BOY liked it…

2. We did a huge house clean today, and our house is looking really good.  We still have a lot more cleaning to do, but I can definitely see us hosting our first Thanksgiving here this November.

3. Finally, we are catching up on the latest season of Downton Abby.  I forgot how much I like this show!

4. I had my wedding make up trial today.  Love the dramatic effect but just a bit sad that it was wasted on a Saturday night in eating Thai, watching Downton and drinking Sonoma Wine.  Ya’ll will have to wait until next October to see it : )

5. Speaking of wine, look who decided that our wine boxes were the best toy in town this week?!

IMG_20141014_212233280 IMG_20141014_211229150

6. And the BOY and I decided that Sonoma wine is the best thing in town tonight!  Which is why I am signing off to have another glass…


Happy Saturday Night!

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