Sometimes I’m a Little Bit Lazy

And this last week has been one of those lazy times!


I’m sure my definition of ‘lazy’ is a little off the actual textbook definition of lazy.  But compared to my typical activity level, this last week plus has just been lazy.  Minus the half marathon of course (although even my training for that was a bit lazy).  I’ve been lazy about my blogging…lazy about my workouts…lazy about cleaning my house…you get the drift!


The thing is that because I am usually on the go, I figure that my body and mind need a little break sometimes.  So I give them a break, try not to feel too guilty about it, and then pick up the pieces and move on.  Until then, I’ve been keeping myself busy with Starbucks runs and Cooper cuddles.  Today was one of the laziest days of all…I didn’t even shower.  I did make it to the grocery store and we made our first crockpot full of chili of the season.



It turned out amazing and reminded me why I LOVE Sundays in September…even when the Bears play on Monday : )

So after a lazy week, I’m ready to move forward with a healthy meal plan, exercise, and the start to the Jewish new year.


Meal Planning 9/21/14

Sunday: Crockpot Turkey Chili

Monday: Salmon and Veggies

Tuesdays: Pork and Veggies

Wednesday: Home for the Holidays!

Thursday: Rosh Hashanah


Do you ever feel lazy?

7 thoughts on “Sometimes I’m a Little Bit Lazy

  1. YES! Jen, I laughed when I read your post. I had a SUPER Lazy weekend! Thanks for reminding me that rest is part of a healthy life. I’m sad that I am missing fall…and your crock pot goodness. Sending Love to you on this Monday!! Karen

  2. I love the comment about how you don’t actually meet the definition of lazy. I’m the same way! I think it’s a blogger thing. Or a healthy living thing. My definition of lazy is spending MAYBE an extra three hours in bed but then I have to accomplish things. Whether it be baking, grocery shopping, blogging, studying, running or whatever, I can’t just lay on the couch all day or I’ll go bonkers. CROCK POTS ARE BACK BABY! And I love it 🙂 Happy fall!

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