Tonight Instead of Pinning…

I am taking a break from pinning color schemes, flower arrangements, and unique wedding ideas tonight.  The BOY got started with dinner by making the turkey meat, which meant all I had to do was throw everything into the oven for our hearty Turkey Taco Casserole.  After kitten was loved and fed and dinner devoured, I got down to work.


Yoga is back! 

Our fall yoga starts tomorrow at work. I have full little yogi and junior yogi classes and maybe some high schoolers too.  Because some of the kids are the same, I definitely need to work on a creative new plan for tomorrow…and update my music again.  It’s going to be a FUN Fall!  I’m thinking tomorrow’s theme will be camping…in honor of the end of summer and all.


I also need to get packing.  I leave for Memphis on Saturday before the sun rises, and I’m not sure when I will have time to collect my sun dresses and Sperry’s for my girl’s weekend of BBQ and mimosas : )

IMG_0557 IMG_0556

So as you can see…I kept myself busy with non wedding business.  I should confess (because I’d just feel bad if I didn’t) that even though I stayed away from my ‘Fall in Love’ wedding board ( I spent most of my time on the Yoga Kids board), I did contact a few photographers.  A bride-to-be never rests! 

Yet that is exactly what I need to do.  I’ve got plans for an early morning run!

Do you use Pinterest?  What is your favorite board/thing to pin?

4 thoughts on “Tonight Instead of Pinning…

  1. I like to pin the motivational sayings-some of them just hit home-although I must admit that I tend to stay away from pinterest unless I have LOTS of time because it seems to just suck it all up!

    • I wish I could say the same…I have all my recipes there so when I meal plan…I just head to the site…then I find more recipes and more recipes and then a DIY project (that I will never do) or a haircut and then next thing you know the day is over : )

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