Fall Fiesta {Part Tres}

That’s it…I’ve decided to make the Fall Fiesta our annual tradition!

IMG_20140823_164514 IMG_20140823_163502791_HDR

Mustaches included!  After the success of our Wine About Winter Party, we discovered that our friends don’t drink much wine, but that they love to celebrate and have a good time!  So, we decided to add a beer tasting element to this year’s fiesta.  Each couple brought a 6 pack for everyone to try.


Votes were tallied and prizes were awarded!  And then dinner (fajitas) were served.


Followed by more games, beer trivia, and shenanigans!




In the end, our party was a HUGE success!


In the past, I have made baked and cooked a lot more for the party.  This year, I kept it simple. I made a Layered Mexican Salad  (sans chicken), my favorite Sangria, and a fantastic (and really easy) Churro Cheesecake.


And I can’t even take credit, since my friend did most of the work on the salad : )


A huge thank you to our incredible group of friends!


We are so lucky to have such a great crew!  Cheers to more celebrations to come!

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