Five for Friday XXVI

1. I haven’t meant to neglect blogging this week, but we got new medical records at work.  That combined with planning and running has made for a busy, blog free week.  I also meant to do a photo-a-day August post and didn’t make it past the 3rd of the month.  Ooops!


2. I ran 4 miles this morning and it was so hot and humid that I was still sweating after my shower.  I’m hoping for better weather for tomorrow morning’s run!


3.  I have been a reading machine lately!  I have to take a moment to re-recommend Reconstructing Amelia and add If I Stay to that list.


4. Tomorrow is our Third Annual Fall Fiesta.  I am super excited because this year we’ve added a beer tasting.

5. My birthday is coming up and I am asking the BOY to get me a new yoga mat.  I am debating between a Lulu mat and a Mandala mat.  Any suggestions???


What are you doing this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Five for Friday XXVI

  1. I joined a gym!! Carol Stream Park district has a 1 year old facility complete with pools. It’s not as fancy as a Lifetime but way cheaper and lots of classes and a really nice walking track so I figure I’ll be able to take whatever weather hits us this winter.
    For the weekend I need to get a run in and maybe a class or 2-plus the normal laundry, housecleaning etc,etc-especially since school starts Monday in my district.

  2. Aw, I love the kitty photo bomb. I have a lulu “The Mat” and I love it. It’s very good for hot, sweaty vinyasa classes. If I’m super sweaty it gets just a little slippery, but I don’t think any mat would stay perfectly grippy in that situation. My weekend is pretty boring; I’m mostly working and trying to write a couple blog posts. Hope you have a great time at your Fall Fiesta!

    • Thank you Beth! I went with the heavy duty manduka mat and I am hoping it’s not too heavy. I end up always using a towel because I hate to slip and slide.

      Hope you got some posts done. I failed in that area : )

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