Five for Friday XXVI

1. I haven’t meant to neglect blogging this week, but we got new medical records at work.  That combined with planning and running has made for a busy, blog free week.  I also meant to do a photo-a-day August post and didn’t make it past the 3rd of the month.  Ooops!


2. I ran 4 miles this morning and it was so hot and humid that I was still sweating after my shower.  I’m hoping for better weather for tomorrow morning’s run!


3.  I have been a reading machine lately!  I have to take a moment to re-recommend Reconstructing Amelia and add If I Stay to that list.


4. Tomorrow is our Third Annual Fall Fiesta.  I am super excited because this year we’ve added a beer tasting.

5. My birthday is coming up and I am asking the BOY to get me a new yoga mat.  I am debating between a Lulu mat and a Mandala mat.  Any suggestions???


What are you doing this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Five for Friday XXVI

  1. I joined a gym!! Carol Stream Park district has a 1 year old facility complete with pools. It’s not as fancy as a Lifetime but way cheaper and lots of classes and a really nice walking track so I figure I’ll be able to take whatever weather hits us this winter.
    For the weekend I need to get a run in and maybe a class or 2-plus the normal laundry, housecleaning etc,etc-especially since school starts Monday in my district.

    • Oh yea! That sounds like an awesome gym! My membership will be back in full force (I put it on hold for the summer) next month. I’m hoping to finally make it to the rock wall : )

  2. Aw, I love the kitty photo bomb. I have a lulu “The Mat” and I love it. It’s very good for hot, sweaty vinyasa classes. If I’m super sweaty it gets just a little slippery, but I don’t think any mat would stay perfectly grippy in that situation. My weekend is pretty boring; I’m mostly working and trying to write a couple blog posts. Hope you have a great time at your Fall Fiesta!

    • Thank you Beth! I went with the heavy duty manduka mat and I am hoping it’s not too heavy. I end up always using a towel because I hate to slip and slide.

      Hope you got some posts done. I failed in that area : )

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