Planning and Running

I am not the girl who dreamed of her wedding as a child and has a huge notebook full of ideas from college.  I did, however, create a Pinterest board and I am attacking planning head on in hopes of creating a laid back, casual vibe.  However, for those of you who know me (or have heard about me from my mother), you know that my typical laid back, casual attitude requires LOTS of planning, post its, and lists.


Ultimately, the most important thing is that the BOY and I are going to get married surrounded by our loved ones and begin our lives as husband and wife.  But man, there are A LOT of details that take figuring out before you get to that point.  Armed with a hidden Pinterest board of romantic ideas and lacy gowns, I decided that I would also need a notebook (I’m old school) to keep track of things and jot down all of the questions and notes that I have.  The first step, finding a venue, will be the most challenging.  Mostly because we don’t know exactly what we want, more of what we don’t want.  This week, I’ve been sending out emails left and right setting up meetings and tours (while secretly hoping that we can find a place as magnificent as the wineries in Napa and Sonoma).


I’ve also been catching up on sleep and diving back into work after our week away.  What I needed to be doing this week was running.  My half marathon is 4 weeks from today.  Although I rocked my pre vacation long run, I haven’t done much more than 30 minute training runs since then…plus some biking and hiking.


In order to run a healthy half marathon (even without a time goal), I need to spend more time running over these next few weeks!  I got started this morning with a 10 miler.  It was pretty slow and steady, and I finished the last few miles on tired legs.  But I got through it, sore glutes and all. 


Despite feeling unprepared right now, for both my wedding and my race, I have a feeling everything will fall into place.  One of the best thing about running is it gives me plenty of time to think about wedding stuff.  Speaking of…my sister in law, fresh off planning her own wedding, came by today to sit on the couch with me after my run, talk wedding, and Pin pretty things.  She also brought me the sweetest basket of goodies, including an official wedding planning notebook.  Woo hoo!  She knows me so well!  Looks like I’m in good hands : )

13 thoughts on “Planning and Running

  1. Thanks for the picture of your ring. It rocks! Haha. Couldn’t resist. It really is pretty. I’m sure with your new SIL to warn you about the pitfalls and lots and lots of notebooks ( with appropriate dividers) you should do ok.

  2. I am beyond happy for you guys!! Do you guys have a date, or at least month picked out? I think once you figure that out, the rest is easier to plan and fall into place!

  3. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous ring! Pinterest, a notebook, and bouncing ideas off others is a great plan. Plus, stick with what you love, it’s your day!

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