Five For Friday XXV

1. The BOY finished the Bar!  Hooray!

Thank you all for your warm wishes and congrats.  We really appreciate it!


To celebrate, I met him downtown Wednesday night for a glass of champagne and an amazing dinner at David Burke’s.

IMG_20140730_181517 IMG_20140730_201702


2. Thursday morning, I started the day with a local version of my favorite Brooklyn Elixir found at the local grocery.  It was AWESOME! 

IMG_20140728_140502131 IMG_20140731_075137559


3. We finally have some plans for our upcoming trip to San Francisco.  We went from no plans to too many plans over night and I can’t wait!  If we don’t fit it all in, we’ll just have to go back!


4. I am figuring out how to style my new haircut.  Not gonna lie, there were a bunch of ponytails for work this week, but I’m learning!  Oh and please excuse my super messy mirror…wow, that’s embarrassing!



5. It’s August, so I guess time to talk goals…


But instead I’d rather go eat the pork chops the BOY just grilled up.  We can talk goals tomorrow : )

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