So Proud

My boyfriend (the BOY) is an impressive guy!

Three years ago, he took the risk of quitting his stable job to pursue his law school degree.


First Day of Law School

He spent countless hours commuting by train, reading rules and torts, writing papers, taking notes, reviewing his notes, and inserting law jargon into every day conversation.  He has succeeded in building relationships with his fellow students and professors and excelled academically.  I couldn’t be more proud of all of his accomplishments up to and including his graduation!


Law School Graduation

I can’t decide if the past three years have gone by slowly or flown by in a heart beat, but somehow we made it from then until now.  And now (today and tomorrow), the BOY sits for the Bar.  He has studied intensely over these past few months and is prepared for these two days (even if he doesn’t feel it yet).  I am proud of his effort.  I am proud of his dedication. I am proud of his drive.  I am proud of him every day.  No matter what the outcome of this test, I will forever be proud of the BOY for following his dreams and finding his passion.  I look forward to celebrating all of this Wednesday night at dinner downtown!

22 thoughts on “So Proud

    • I know…it’s crazy that we won’t know anything until October. Luckily, we won’t be thinking about it while we’re wine tasting in Napa next week. How was your RACE? I need to get over and read some blogs!

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