My Day Began Like This…

IMG_20140728_084816383 IMG_20140728_085505135

The BOY pacing…

IMG_20140728_085122971 IMG_20140728_085115373

Cooper pacing…


And me having a side of Bar prep with my morning tea.

All of this before 9:30am : )


At 10, I met my trainer who I hadn’t seen in a few weeks due to schedules and sickness.  It felt good to get back into the gym and lift some weights.  It was obvious that I’m still not back to 100%, but I faked it the best I could.


Lunch was leftover Thai…yum!



And then I went and got a serious haircut.



She did a great job styling my hair and I’m not so sure that I can do it as cute.  But I’ve already ordered a new curling iron on Amazon and I’m up for the challenge.  This afternoon, I drove the BOY to the train station.  He is staying in the city for two nights during the Bar.  After 3 years of school and a summer of fun, I can’t believe it’s finally here!


Coop and I are having a rare night by ourselves.  I made Crockpot Butter Chicken for dinner and it was fantastic!  I had some paper work to get through before work tomorrow and since I finished Reconstructing Amelia last night (add it to your MUST READ list), I’m watching a little Major Crimes tonight.


And the night ended like that…

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