I Wasn’t Sore Until Warrior II

I woke up feeling surprisingly good this morning (considering yesterday’s 3 and a half hour workout) and not that sore at all.  I give credit to the fact that we didn’t go too fast and that I was well rested.  Early this morning, I drove into the city to meet a friend for coffee before going to yoga with my mom and our friends. 


It is always a treat to attend one of these special classes with this exceptional teacher.  This morning’s class might have been my favorite.  Partially this is due to the company.  I love doing yoga with my mom and our friends!  Another part has to do with the unique and challenging class.  Today we worked to open our tightest areas and flowed countless times through chaturanga.  I discovered that my arms AND legs were tired the first time I entered Warrior II, but they held out for the entire class.  I ROCKED my handstand and dancer pose (if I do say so myself).  I felt flexible, strong, and confident.  It was a beautiful way to start the day.

Followed by an impromptu lunch attended by everyone including the newlyweds freshly back from their honeymoon.  Everyone except the BOY who was studying for the bar.  With T minus 2 days to go, this was totally understandable!  Together we watched the exciting sprint finale to the tour.  After 21 days, I’m not sure what I’m going to watch any more.  Oh yea…So You Think You Can Dance!  After lunch, the ladies headed off to do some shopping.  Athleta is having a HUGE sale with everything on sale ON SALE!  I had some saved up gift cards and walked out with a new gym bag, bathing suit top for my trip, and an awesome gift for my trainer.


My mom did well too!  I made one more stop at the Starbucks with my treat receipt for a 2$ green tea latte before driving back to the suburbs to do dinner with the BOY.  I’m working on my meal plan for the week ahead and pulling together some of my new dresses and cute summer clothes for our trip to San Fran which is now only one week away!  I’ll leave you with today’s as seen on Instagram photo…


Good Night!

7 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Sore Until Warrior II

  1. I just dieeee at that kitty photo!! I definitely have moments like this where I don’t realize I am sore until I have to hold a pose in yoga. Hurts so good.

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