Running Woes

It’s been way too long since I’ve been out for a run!

The worst part is that I am running a half marathon in less than 8 weeks.


Actually, that is the exciting part!  It’s my second race of the year and I was looking forward to packing on some miles when this sinus infection hit hard.  After almost 33 years together, I know that this bug is my bodies way of asking for a break.  And after all of this time, my body knows that I’m not good at breaks.  In all fairness, I spent all last weekend cuddled on the couch with Cooper resting and recovering.

However, I decided that I would do something (walk or run) the best I could with wherever my stomach and sinuses were at on Thursday morning.  The weather here has been gorgeous and I was starting to feel a bit lazy.


I laced up  my sneakers and jogged towards the path.  My running schedule dictated that I should run 5 miles, my mind told me that I would be safer trying 4 miles and my body determined that it would be happy to finish 3 miles.  I’m not sure if it was the stuffed sinuses impacting my ability to breath or general fatigue, but I struggled to complete my 30 minute run.  Yet, I was still thrilled to have been out in the fresh air and happy to say that I got in at least one workout this week.   That was until I saw my bed and realized that I was so exhausted I wish I had time to take a nap.  I didn’t!  Just enough time to shower and eat breakfast before heading off to work.


I needed to save some energy for my last day of yoga for the high school girl’s group. I  decided to ‘wing’ it, and I have to admit that it went really well. I have loved guiding the kids and teens through their yoga journey over the past 6 weeks and am beyond thrilled that the program was so successful. 

And now it’s Friday…Hooray!!!

Somehow, I have survived the work week and although I am not feeling as strong as I want to, I have active weekend plans ahead.  I’m hoping that some of them will include running : )

10 thoughts on “Running Woes

  1. Um considering how awful it sounds like you felt, nice job for even getting the run in! I really want to run another half marathon soon but the training scares me as well…I always feel under prepared somehow!

  2. Feel better ASAP! I’m sure you’ll do just fine in the half, especially if you listen to your body now!
    I’m so happy your yoga program has been such a success! I bet it’s a blast, and the kids/students must love it!

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