Five for Friday {Wedding Weekend Edition}

1. My baby brother is getting married tomorrow!





2. At 32 years old, I will get my very first sister.  And I don’t even have to share my toys.  Of note, we do share a birthday!





3. My favorite shower and wedding gifts to give are things that I like to get…ie the kitchen aid mixer and wine related items (like the wine fridge I got for the happy couple).



4. I love getting my hair and make up done!





5. I have stood up in 7, wait…make that 8 weddings.  I spend most of my time on the dance floor.  Luckily, so does the BOY, which makes us a GREAT couple!






Happy Weekend!

19 thoughts on “Five for Friday {Wedding Weekend Edition}

  1. Congrats to all. You look wonderful in the dress! Please post pics of all after-especially the dancing!!

  2. […] I feel extremely privileged to have been apart of the wedding party at my little bros wedding.  Even without the right words, I attempted to express to one of my cousins at the edge of the dance floor why this wedding was so unique and spectacular.  Looking around the room, there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that Caitlin and David are extremely happy and will have a lifetime of love and laughter ahead of them.  […]

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