Monday’s Meal Plan

Saturday night, my brother and his fiancé came over for dinner bringing delicious beer and soft and creamy cheese.  They also brought the ingredients to make cilantro lime rice to go with our shrimp tacos and Mango and Pineapple Salsa.  We definitely had a laugh that her rice recipe comes from the same blog as my salsa recipe!


After dinner, we sat out back listening to music and chatting about their upcoming wedding.  Sunday morning, everyone had places to be and I had a bike to ride and tour to watch.  This week is one of those odd ones where I am working on Monday and off Friday because Saturday is my little bro’s wedding.  We also have a lot of family descending into Chicago for the event, some of which will be staying with us.  For this reason, I tried to keep eating super simple this week.




Sunday night, I made my favorite simple crockpot recipe figuring that we could make tacos or rice bowls with our leftovers from Saturday night’s dinner.




They were fantastic and also made a yummy lunch this week!

On the exercise front, I turned off my alarm and slept in this morning for the first time in weeks!  After 5 straight days of tough workouts, I hit snooze, reset my alarm, and never looked back.  I was even happier when I did finally step outside into the thick heat and humidity that I hadn’t gotten up early for a run.  I’m considering throwing in an early morning 30 minute jog tomorrow morning, but we shall see.  I may snooze again : )



Do you ever snooze or sleep in?

What are your favorite quick and easy recipes?



Meal Planning 7/06/14

Sunday: 2 Ingredient Crockpot Chicken Tacos or Rice Bowls


Monday: Turkey Burgers with Veggies


Tuesday: Salmon with Veggies


Wednesday: Meeting Family for Dinner


Thursday: TBD

11 thoughts on “Monday’s Meal Plan

  1. Sometimes sleeping in is a great thing!

    I love your meals this week! I’ve been eating a lot of chicken…today for lunch is chicken and a cucumber/tomato salad with goat cheese!

  2. I am going to have to check out that rice recipe! Keeping it light and easy this week seems like a good way to do it!! 🙂
    I looooovvvveeee to sleep in! I sleep in as much as I can…which is usually just one day a week. The most I can sleep in usually is 6:30 and those are good days!
    I have a couple of salad recipes, that are pretty easy, that I can make on the weekend and then eat for lunch or dinner for the next week!!

    • I need some more grain salads with protein to make. I love them out but never make them myself! I finally dragged myself out for a short run yesterday and strength today. It was incredible after 2 days of sleeping in, I felt SO tired! Not sure what’s up with my body but I know it will appreciate the rest this weekend! Well, rest is a relative term…I’m sure I’ll be dancing up a storm : )

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