In a Good Place

I can’t believe this year sailed by and we are already staring at July 1st and the last 6 months of 2014!

Where do the days go?




I was just thinking (and patting myself on the back) because I think this is the first time EVER that I have gone half the year without taking a sick or mental health day.  In fact, (knock on wood) I’m not sure I’ve been sick in close to a year.  To me this means that I am doing things right, taking care of myself, enjoying the ride and as we approach the second half of the year, I must admit, I’m in a pretty good place!


Perfect timing to check in with my 2014 Bucket List.





Living Life

Reorganize (and follow) my Budget-Yikes!  I am starting this today tomorrow!


Continue to Volunteer-I volunteered for St. Jude at Beer Fest again and I see many more St. Jude events in my future!


Unplug Consistently-I have been rocking this one. In all honesty, I forgot that I put this on the bucket list, but as I’m sure you’ve noticed by my lack of posts, comments, and phone calls that I am appreciating my down time soaking up cuddles with Cooper, immersing myself in dinners with the BOY, and losing myself in books and magazines.  I should confess though…I did join Instagram : )


Learn a New Skill (I’m taking tennis lessons!)-We started the year off with our tennis lessons, but then finals, travel, and the bar have gotten in the way of our planned weekly tennis dates.  I’m hoping, come August, we can get back to playing and I’ll have many more tennis skills to show off.


Initiate Home Yoga/Meditation-This year has been all about the yoga, which goes well with my lack of technology.  But, I haven’t been doing much yoga at home (unless you count that one time that I was stuck indoors with the snow storm and did a power yoga video on demand).


Create Original Recipes-There have been a few on the blog, but hopefully (maybe) more to come.


Travel to Wine Country-Tickets are bought…we leave August 3rd!!!






Make a Move

Hike More-We did an amazing hike in Las Vegas and I am already negotiating to add some hikes into our California trip.


Do an Olympic Distance TriUnfortunately, with the busy summer I wasn’t able to fit in the training for any distance triathlons.  I am super sad about this, but already looking forward to scheduling something for 2015.


Weight Train and Look/Feel Toned-I have been consistently hitting the weight room with my trainer and on my own, and I am excited to have some definition emerging in my arms.  My trainer jokingly said to me that I would need some bandaids for all of these cuts…ha ha!


Do a Century Bike RideAfter this past weekend’s BRICK, I am feeing the biker bug.  Maybe I can recruit someone to ride with me!


Stretch Consistently (like for real)-Does yoga count?  I think I’ve been better about stretching this year than in past years.  Does that count?  Ok, so I probably have not been stretching enough.


Hello Skinny Jeans!-Hi!  Hoping that we’ll be reacquainted this fall : )






More things I’m proud of in 2014…

My This is the REAL Me Post

The BOY’s Law School Graduation

Completing Rainbow Kids Yoga Training

Surviving the most brutal winter EVER

Hosting my first wine tasting



How are you preparing for the second half of the year?

What are some of your favorite memories and accomplishments from the first half of the year?

12 thoughts on “In a Good Place

  1. I really love this post and planned to do one like it myself. I can’t believe it’s July… I love how adventurous you are and pleeeeeease take me to Wine Country with you!

  2. If I lived closer, I totally join you for a century ride 🙂 Fun check-in… sounds like you’re living life to the fullest and have FUN doing it! I’ve been trying to unplug more, too… feels good. Have a wonderful Fourth!

  3. Looks like things are great and you are having an awesome year! I can’t believe that it is already July! After Ironman in 24 days I am looking forward to reading more, writing more posts, and looking for a new job!

  4. Ooooh….Napa is so much fun! You will have a blast. It has actually been a rough first half of the year around here. I am hoping the second half continues to look up (which it has already!)!

  5. You’ve had one heck of a first half of the year (the boy, too)!
    I wish I lived closer, too, so we could go for a ride together!
    I definitely think yoga counts as stretching 🙂
    and, which wine country are you going to?

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