#I Miss NYC!

I am back, exhausted, and already missing my long weekend in NYC!




I flew home late last night and worked all day today, so I’ll just give you a quick recap.  I was in downtown Manhattan before 11am on Thursday morning.  I walked down to the Met.  Despite all of my trips to New York, I have never been to the museum before.




It was incredible and because I was traveling by myself, it was a selfie kind of day.


IMG_20140605_131851174_HDR IMG_20140605_141147049_HDR


All of the art work and antiques were gorgeous, but the most breath taking view was from the rooftop garden.




It was so picture perfect with the clear blue sky and famous skyline…no editing was needed!




I spent my first night in Manhattan with family and then took the train down to Brooklyn on Friday morning for my first day of Rainbow Kids Yoga Training.





My Rainbow Kids Yoga Training was nothing shy of incredible!  I feel like it may deserve a post of it’s own, but here are a few highlights…


IMG_20140607_121721682 IMG_20140608_091443867

IMG_20140608_102457209 IMG_20140608_113209298

IMG_20140608_113657605 IMG_20140608_121646348



Spending time in Brooklyn, commuting by foot, and eating well just completed my experience.







I was super sad to say goodbye to all my new friends and leave this eclectic city!

But I know that I will be back REAL soon!



What is your favorite part of NYC?

If We Were Having a Cocktail Right Now…

So I’ve seen a bunch of posts titled If We Were Having Coffee Right Now…and I love the concept.  However, it’s way too late for me to drink caffeine (I’m just old like that), but if we were having a cocktail right now, I’d probably confess to you that…


I lost my record locator for my trip to New York and had no idea what time my flight was all week.  Good thing that I found it because it’s 6:40am, not 9:40am tomorrow morning.


I just bought new glasses that are way trendier than I am.


I am craving an NYC street pretzel.




I have not been getting my usual 8 hours of sleep per night.


I booked a cheap flight to Memphis today!


Sometimes I forget to do my side planks at night per the LC Challenge.


I did buy my cat a kong (to fill with almond butter) so that I can eat my dinner in peace.


IMG_20140603_214708438 IMG_20140603_214730051


I am not even close to packed for my trip tomorrow (but do have 3 cute yoga outfits picked out).


I’m addicted to the Billy Joel station on Sirius Radio.


I should be doing paperwork right now.


I have awesome friends in Australia!




I already did have a few drinks tonight : )


And Dairy Queen!




And really do need to get packing…



What is your midweek confession?

June is ALL About the Yoga



I mentioned last month that I was trying to do a unique yoga workshop every month this year.  I did well January through April, but didn’t find anything that fit into my busy schedule in May.  Although my mom and I did do an Intro to Aerial Class last week…


May 28 2014


JanuaryDemystifying Sun Salutations

FebruaryChakra’s Mudras & Bandhas

March-Meridian’s Workshop

AprilAerial Yoga


I hinted that June was going to be exciting…and now I’ve added some extra fun.  On Wednesday, I am taking a yoga continuing education course.  A coworker and I will spend the day learning about how yoga can help our peds and adult patients and how to market a yoga practice in the clinic. Then…Thursday, I fly out to NYC!  Which is exciting enough.  But, even more fun because I am taking the Rainbow Kids Yoga 3 Day Teacher Training Course!  I am psyched because I will be flying out Thursday morning and will have the entire day to play in the city and meet up with some family members for lunch before spending Friday-Sunday in the training class.  I have arranged to ‘teach’ 3 different age group classes at work this summer and the response has been overwhelming!  So the fact that I am traveling to one of my favorite cities and will learn tons of fun stuff to share with the kids and teens this summer has me dancing in my seat!




On top of all of that, my mom and I have signed up for an Aerial Yoga and Meditation workshop at the end of the month.  Like I said…June will be all about the yoga.  I will be SO Zen by July!



May Goals

1. Cook from cookbooks one recipe a week

     -Not quite met, but I did make this Easy Orange Chicken one week!

2. Go for a bike ride

     -Woo hoo!  I did a warm up bike ride followed by 30 miles on Lake Shore Drive!

3. Register for a fall race

     -I was all set to do this, but then changed my mind on which race I wanted to run.

4. Stay present and enjoy the little moments

     -I have to say that this is where I put my energy this month and it paid off.  Typically, spending 3 straight weekends downtown bouncing from one fun family event to another would have me a little stressed out.  Instead of staying two steps ahead and planning for the next week or weekend, I kept myself in the moment and enjoyed the ride.  I had to make a few compromises to do this…I slept a little less, spent way less time on the computer, haven’t watched a TV show other than the Hawk’s game in weeks and dug into the freezer for some stews and chili for lunch.  But it all worked out tremendously well!  And I learned a lot in the process : )


June Goals

1. Stay healthy and active on vacation (I’m traveling the first two weeks of June)

2. Cook with farmer’s market produce

3. Do some ab exercise daily (I’m working on the LC challenge)

4. Keep strength training