Celebrating the Summer Solstice

It is the longest day of the year and we were back home indoors at 5:30pm because there was a raging storm (complete with flood warnings) outside our windows.  Boo!  We’ve had storms on and off all week, so it’s not really that surprising.  Thankfully, the day started off clear enough for me to go out for a 5 mile run!




Confession: It’s been more than a week since my last run!  It felt great to be back on the trail.  When I got back, I laid down to roll out my tired muscles but ended up using my foam roll as a pillow instead : )




After my run, the BOY and I had back to back dentist appointments (no dental selfie required).  It ended up running late, so I arrived 5 minutes late to the 1:30 Summer Solstice and Silks workshop I was attending at my yoga studio.  My mom got there ahead of me, so I was all set with a mat and silks.  We began the workshop talking about the summer season.  We wrote down on a piece of paper something that we want to leave behind us as we head into summer and then wrote down our specific intentions for the summer ahead. 


IMG_20140621_143330636 IMG_20140621_143345254


We started the first hour with an invigorating aerial yoga class.  I was 100% engaged ad didn’t stop to take many pictures.  Then, we climbed into our silk hammocks for the most refreshing shivasana ever!  While we listened to the sounds of the crystal bowls, we sank deep into medication intended to open our chakras for the season ahead.  I don’t have the easiest time meditating, but found the hammock and music to be serene.  Although I often pushed out subconscious thoughts, I managed to stay somewhere between awake and asleep for the entire hour!




We sealed our practice and regrounded with a delightful taste of chocolate.  It was a beautiful way to spend an afternoon, especially since I shared it with my mom!  Afterwards, we ran a few errands together, and I arrived home in the heart of a thunderstorm.  I got myself safely inside and changed into clean, dry, comfy clothes.  Our game plan for dinner was ribs with the BOY’s Christmas present BBQ sauce.




By the time they were ready for the grill, the rain had slowed and when the BOY removed them 30 minutes later, the sun had almost returned.




We ate our tasty dinner with an easy summer salad and roasted broccoli.  I am not usual a big fan on ribs, but these were fantastic!




Also fantastic…after two weekends of traveling, spending a quiet Saturday night in with Cooper and the BOY working through our DVR.


IMG_20140618_204254632 IMG_20140618_204119



Did you do anything special to celebrate the Summer Solstice?

How was your Saturday?



Here are a few more photos of high flying fun from my first aerial yoga workshop!

12 thoughts on “Celebrating the Summer Solstice

  1. I went to Brookfield Zoo-it was really hot and muggy but many of the animals were surprisingly awake. It was really great and it didn’t start raining until I was almost home. I felt sorry for a wedding party that was arriving as we were leaving because the Zoo was in direct line for some severe showers-luckily there weren’t long lasting!

  2. thank you again for an amazing day! The silk cocoon was an unbelievable way to rest in savasana. I agree with letting go, it is hard to do. The tones of the balls were wonderfully relaxing and energizing at the same time.

  3. That yoga class sounds beyond blissful. Were you in savasana for an hour?! How fun would it be to have a silk hammock at your house?! I could get used to that 🙂 Perfect way to celebrate the summer solstice!

    • I was thinking the same thing…I need one of those! It could be the best cross training EVER! Yes, an entire hour and usually I struggle to stay for 5 minutes, but I zoned OUT! The bowls were beautiful and amazing!

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