If We Were Having a Cocktail Right Now…

So I’ve seen a bunch of posts titled If We Were Having Coffee Right Now…and I love the concept.  However, it’s way too late for me to drink caffeine (I’m just old like that), but if we were having a cocktail right now, I’d probably confess to you that…


I lost my record locator for my trip to New York and had no idea what time my flight was all week.  Good thing that I found it because it’s 6:40am, not 9:40am tomorrow morning.


I just bought new glasses that are way trendier than I am.


I am craving an NYC street pretzel.




I have not been getting my usual 8 hours of sleep per night.


I booked a cheap flight to Memphis today!


Sometimes I forget to do my side planks at night per the LC Challenge.


I did buy my cat a kong (to fill with almond butter) so that I can eat my dinner in peace.


IMG_20140603_214708438 IMG_20140603_214730051


I am not even close to packed for my trip tomorrow (but do have 3 cute yoga outfits picked out).


I’m addicted to the Billy Joel station on Sirius Radio.


I should be doing paperwork right now.


I have awesome friends in Australia!




I already did have a few drinks tonight : )


And Dairy Queen!




And really do need to get packing…



What is your midweek confession?

29 thoughts on “If We Were Having a Cocktail Right Now…

  1. I booked a trip to So Cali last night! I have 2 months to get my running back into shape because there is nothing like running near the beach-but they all look so fit!
    Why is it when you have been injured and are coming back it is sooo slow (broken foot in November). I really thought it would be a little easier. Not to mention my proportions have changed-Again! My weight is the same but my summer clothes don’t fit-what a pain
    I totally love the kong you got for Coop-I didn’t realize they made them for cats too-Dogma has one (unfortunately he is the only dog on the planet who doesn’t like peanut butter) but his is huge-it could break your toe if it dropped on it. He does love it to play with it in the backyard and it isn’t a bad arm workout as it weighs quite a bit.

    • Woo hoo for So Cal! We are heading to North Cal around that same time. It is always hard to get back after an injury…especially when you are immobilized for that long. If you need, go do a few sessions with a PT to get the joint moving again.

      They don’t actually make cat kongs so I bought a dog one. Cooper loves it and I get to make dinner without the interruptions : )

    • I know…right?! I was craving the carbs and loved every moment. I blame the early morning wake ups. The BOY finished all of our Aussie treats so I’m hoping they will send more soon…or we just have to go visit!

  2. I’d love to have a cocktail with you to chat! Thank goodness you checked your flight! and as long as you have the cute yoga outfits picked out you’re covered 🙂
    Question- do you guys have mint dilly bars at dq? We don’t, but they do in Oregon, and they’re amazing!
    My midweek confession- I was ready for the weekend on Tuesday and will definitely be having a couple cocktails tonight!

  3. This is so awesome!!!! I love Tim Tams. When I was in New Zealand we ate probably 20 packs of them!! (we were there for a month!!!)
    I bought a Vitamix because my coach wants me to eat more protein!! So I am going to make smoothies!!
    I need to go on a bike ride tomorrow but don’t really want to go!
    I just got a very healthy dinner prepared for tonight but really want to go get ice cream!!! 🙂

  4. Have a great trip! NYC is my fave! My confession: I did a grueling workout after work to only come home and stuff my face with skittles and sprees! 😦

    • I’m getting used to them but will see if I have a picture. They are big and fun : ) Now that I am done traveling, I am planning to catch up on sleep. Starting tonight!!!

  5. Cocktails > Coffee in my book! Hmmm…one confession…I skipped yoga this morning in favor of staying in my bed. 3 hours later…I’m still in bed.

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