Just Hanging Around…


I am working on getting my 10 miler race recap to you, but also this week, I am working (and have been crazy busy)!  I did manage to sneak in an Intro to Aerial Yoga Class with my mom in between long work days and early morning exercise classes.  I hope you are hanging in there this week too!


Tell me…how fun does this look?

19 thoughts on “Just Hanging Around…

  1. I have done some fun things, and pushed some boundaries physically in my life, however! This was the most exciting and scariest thing I have ever done! You feel so safe and so supported however if you are someone who does not like to be upside down, letting go and trusting was a big step! Thanks DD!

  2. WOW!!! that looks like so much fun-hats ff to both of you (it does look a little scary). Who took the picture?

    • It was really awesome! It has a great combination of fun upside down fun with zen. We do our final relaxation all cozy in the silk. I’m obsessed!

      Usually all the good new classes are in the city (which makes me super jealous) so I love having such an amazing yoga studio out in the burbs!

  3. Looks awesome!! I forgot to tell you that I think that I found an aerial yoga place! I was on a new running route a while back and I saw this yoga place. It wasn’t until you posted your first aerial class pictures until I realized that that was the kind of yoga it was!! 🙂 I am dying to try it!!!

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