Double the Workouts…Double the Fun!

Winding down a 4 day weekend is never easy!  Who wants to go back to work?!

And after the weekend we had, I would have preferred to keep the celebrations coming!




We got home late Sunday night and both crashed into bed.  Monday morning, the BOY was awake and wired with lots to say and discuss at 5:30am.  Which then led to him inviting Cooper (also wide awake) into our room where he immediately decided he wanted to make up for a weekend’s worth of cuddling.  Then there was apparently more to discuss….Ughh! 




At 7am, the BOY mentioned breakfast, so we made our way to the grocery store.  Do you know how empty the store is Monday morning before 8am?  We stocked up for the week and the BOY found a HUGE cinnamon roll for breakfast.




My goal for the morning was to get my bike up and rolling.  So after unpacking groceries, I cleaned organized the garage and pumped my bike tires full of air.




I was beyond thrilled to be reunited with my bike after the long and grueling winter.  I immediately found my way back to the path.




I rode along enjoying the perfectly spring like weather, complete with a cool breeze.  The wind was tough to pedal against, but in the end, I rode a lovely 9.5 miles.  A wonderful first ride of the year.




I had just enough time to freshen up and grab a bite of leftover pizza before heading back out the door for an eye doctor appointment.


IMG_20140519_124546624 IMG_20140519_124632341


A years worth of contacts and (finally) a new pair of glasses later, I was back on the move.  I dropped the BOY back off at home and then went over to the yoga studio.  I was meeting my mom for a session with my trainer.  We talked a bunch about health and wellness before diving into some challenging strength moves.  We were both sweating by the end and decided to hit Starbucks for a post workout beverage.  I had a bunch of errands to run and coupons to spend and my mom decided to tag along.  We went to the huge mall by our house which was nice and empty on a Monday.


IMG_20140519_163423324_HDR IMG_20140519_163454925


I had an awesome Kiehl’s coupon and as I was walking out of the store, I spotted a huge area of red.  I knew exactly what it was and after years of complaining that this huge, popular mall didn’t have a Lulu, finally here it is!  Well, almost!  The door is still locked : )  I walked in the door to my house at 7pm with an enthusiastic welcome from the guys (BOY + Cooper = Guys).  The BOY made the most delicious dinner and I settled in for the night.  I had planned on making a cookbook crockpot recipe for lunch this week, but it was too late in the evening.  I guess I will have to get to it later in the week (hopefully recipe to come).


This morning, I was back on the path (with tired legs) for a 6 mile run.  I think this will be my last run before this upcoming weekend’s 10 miler, so I was happy to get in a middle distance before work.  Officially, I have now run, lifted, yoged 8 days in a row.  I am looking forward to a well deserved rest day tomorrow!


As for meals this the week, the BOY has started his Bar Review class so we are as usual adjusting to a new schedule.  We thought we’d keep meals easy, except for the curry.  We’ll have to see how that turns out : )



Do you ever exercise twice in one day?



Meal Planning 5/20/14

Monday: Mediterranean on the Grill


Tuesday: Asian Salmon Salad (and steak and potato for the BOY)


Wednesday: Tilapia Curry


Thursday: Potato Bar with Chicken

18 thoughts on “Double the Workouts…Double the Fun!

  1. Uhhh…I often workout twice in one day. When I have too much free time I usually fill it with a workout. HA. Tonight I went to back to back classes at the gym, does that count too?

  2. Hooray for your first bike of the season! And, super cute glasses! Yep, two-a-days are pretty much a daily occurrence for me right now thanks to IM training 🙂

    • Hooray for your IM training! How is your foot/leg? I went with some trendy glasses which is not usually my thing so I’m hoping they are cute and don’t make me look like an out of style 30 something trying to be a 20 something : )

  3. I keep thinking about dusting off my bike and pumping up the tires. You’ve inspired me. Maybe this weekend 🙂
    I don’t exercise twice a day often (unless you count my many walks…)

    • That totally counts! I wish that we lived in a neighborhood were we could walk to more places. I’ve been downtown the past 2 weekends walking everywhere. I love it!

      You should totally dust off your bike! I find it to be the BEST mental and physical cross training to running!

  4. Yeah!!! You finally got out on your bike! I love going to the grocery store early in the morning!! I hope you have good weather for the race this weekend!!!
    Lots of 2-a-day work outs for me right now! I will be super excited to go back to mostly 1-a-day work outs! 🙂

  5. Wow! Your busy day just wore me out!! 🙂 About 2 days a week, I do a dance fitness class and still come home and run afterwards. Sometimes my legs are just too dead to run if the class contains a lot of lunges and squats!

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