Weekend Recap {3 Words a Picture}


8 Mile Run




Wedding Shower Fun




A Family Affair








Fantastic Sushi Dinner




Sunday Morning Walk





Tough Yoga Class





It’s Graduation Day




He Did It!




Time to Celebrate




Pizza for All




Wonderful Evening Together




Post Graduation Reading



How was your weekend (in 3 words)???

23 thoughts on “Weekend Recap {3 Words a Picture}

    • Thanks Brittany! It was an awesome weekend celebration and I fit in a little of everything! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Can’t wait to see what you ate?

  1. Huge congratulations!! I hope you guys had a great celebration!
    And look at the adorable neighbourhood on the Sunday morning walk!
    Hmm…my weekend in three words: sunshine & fresh air! (Not counting the and sign as a word!)

    • Oh how amazing does sunshine and fresh air feel after our winter! That is my brother’s neighborhood and I love it down there. We are heading back down this weekend so I’m hoping for good weather again!

  2. What an exciting and busy weekend! Hats off to the Boy for all his hard work and now the work begins-the Bar. I love your Sunday walk -what a beautiful neighborhood.
    My words are Mamma Mia! DD got tickets for mother’s day so off to the Cadillac Theater for an awesome show and day!

  3. A big congrats to the boy!! Awesome accomplishment!! My weekend in 3 words- Kick back relax!!

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