I Did Not Run 8 Miles in the Snow Today

Nor did I bike!






Yup, that’s a legit snow storm on May 16th!

Obviously, that put a wrench in my plan to try to get in at least one longish run before next weekend’s 10 miler.  Instead, I drank warm tea and took care of stuff before going to my yearly physical.  Spoiler Alert…I am super healthy with awesome cholesterol!




Meanwhile, Cooper helped the BOY study for his last final of the semester (still lounging on my new placemats where apparently he has been available to assist with studying all week!).




After my doctor’s appointment, I was lucky enough to meet my best friend for a weekday lunch.  I love being a ‘lady who lunches’ aka someone who can go out for lunch with a friend during the week : )  On my way home, I swung by the grocery store for dinner fixings and walked in the door just in time for a conference call.  By the time it was over, the sun was attempting to emerge (and there was no more snow), so I decided to go out for a walk.




The clouds were still dark but after two weeks of rain, the grass was vivid green!




I walked for an hour breathing in the fresh air and enjoying a quiet Friday afternoon.




The BOY called while I was walking to say that his final final was done!  Hooray!




Since we will be in the city all weekend, we decided to do dinner in.  I roasted some potatoes and broccoli and the BOY made the best homemade scallops EVER!




We had a special Friday night dinner reminiscing about the last 3 years of law school.  A lot has changed since his first day of law school (you should definitely check out my young blog and our young pictures), yet many of the important things have stayed the same.  We spent the rest of the night listening to music and talking at the kitchen table.  With maybe a sip of wine and bit of singing and dancing too!  BTW, Cooper hates my singing!




Tomorrow morning, we are driving back into the city for another wedding shower for my future SIL and just made BYO sushi plans for dinner.  Then Sunday is the big graduation day.  Thankfully, I have Monday off to recover from this crazy four day weekend!  Fingers crossed and weather permitting, I may even be able to go for an outdoor run tomorrow!


Did you get snow today or did you run?  Or neither?

14 thoughts on “I Did Not Run 8 Miles in the Snow Today

  1. I can’t believe you had snow! Helllllo global warning. You are a super kind cat Mommy to let Cooper hang out on the table. Jax is not allowed on anything but the chairs at the table!

      • She only hops on the counter now if there are flowers. Basically any time she is on the counter or kitchen I clap my hands really loud and yell down. If she doesn’t move I start walking towards her and she scrams. Basically associating the counter and table to her getting yelled at, so she just doesn’t do it.

  2. No snow here, and I have to say I’m pretty happy about that! I love snow, but not in the middle of May. That’s just wrong.
    Your walking path is very pretty, though.

    • Thanks! It is a huge benefit of living out in suburbia! But I was super jealous of all of the runners and bikers along the lake front this weekend. I wish I lived in the city!

  3. A huge congratulations to the BOY! He must feel pretty darn good.
    And those scallops look incredible; they are by far my favourite seafood.
    Hope you are having a fun, busy weekend!
    We’ve have a pretty cool spring, but it’s beautiful here today! We were supposed to go the mountains but the forecast is too cold and wet to be enjoyable out there!

    • So glad that you are having some gorgeous spring days! He is really excited and proud but I think a bit nervous about all that is to come! We love scallops too! Which is why we had them for our celebratory dinner….well the first of three special dinners : )

  4. Boo for snow, but did you see the forecast this week?! Potentially 80s this weekend! Whoop! Congrats to the boy on finishing law school… what an accomplishment! And, those scallops?! YUM! Perfect celebration meal 🙂

    • They were the perfect meal!
      We did end up having a beautiful weekend and we may have sunshine ahead too! I finally got out for a bike ride so I’m in a great mood!

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