I Tried to do it all (balance work/life) this Week…

And there were some successes and a few failures!

Here it goes…



I woke up at 5:30am three days in a row to hit boot camp, yoga, and boot camp Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!




My abs are majorly sore.


I meal planned well enough to have food for lunch and dinners all week.


We are all set for Bryan’s graduation dinner this weekend.


I worked Monday, so bring on the four day weekend!


I made time to play games with Cooper and cuddle.




I’m hoping to get in a long run tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep.




I only slept like 7 or so hours a night.


I’m not sure I ever did my hair (in my defense, I wanted to let the BOY sleep in each day because he has 3 finals this week).


I sucked at blogging and reading blogs.


I did not get to watch any third periods (or over times) of the Blackhawks games.




And the major fail…I forgot my work bag with laptop and paperwork at home this morning, and didn’t realize it until I was at work, which required me to trek all the way back home in the rain and then back to work.  Boo!




I indulged in a hearty glass of red wine tonight with dinner and savored every enjoyable sip!





What were your successes and failures this week?

16 thoughts on “I Tried to do it all (balance work/life) this Week…

  1. I don’t think you should call having a glass of wine a failure. Sounds to me like you totally deserved it! You made it through an impressive week!!
    Successes for me:
    I actually did a pretty good job with food prep and had healthy lunches and snacks all week.
    I added a little more strength training.
    I attempted a tempo run (was unable to hold the target pace though, so maybe this is a failure??)
    I didn’t make it to yoga or the new TRX class I wanted to try.
    I let myself get too hungry yesterday & overdid it with the graham cracker and dried mango 😦

    • Oh graham crackers and dried mango (from Costco) two of my down falls. I called the wine a tie because it was totally well deserved but HUGE : )

      I’d love to go to a TRX class…sounds soo cool! Congrats on the strength training. As a runner, that is always so tough for me!

  2. I think this week sounds fantastic!! Doing your hair is overrated, that’s why I chopped mine off! HA! Way to get those early morning workouts done!

    • Oh I am so jealous…i love your new cut and have a bunch like it already pinned for future endeavors. It was definitely a great week but an exhausting one! I just put my head down and pushed through and (sigh) finally made it to the weekend!

    • That is always an accomplishment! I went to cheesecake factory today and had the best salad and couldn’t help but comment on how salads out are much more exciting than my homemade ones. It was hard for me to work late and get up early this week. I don’t like either one, but survived the week! Happy Friday!

  3. You win some and lose some! Sometimes you just have to pick and choose right?! Half the time I don’t even brush my hair! It is totally overrated!! 🙂
    I managed to get up real early every morning! I got all of my work outs in! I managed to stretch and foam roll like a boss this week!
    Failure: I made a batch of cookies. Success: I didn’t eat them all!!
    Failure: I was suppose to ride last night but was too tired to. Success: I rode this morning instead!

    • Good for you Leslie! I wanted to bake today but just ran out of time! I agree that some weeks are better than others and you just have to do the best you can and have fun along the way : ) Way to go with the foam roll! I did foam roll and plank after my walk today!

  4. Sounds like you had a great week! Aside from getting up early, aren’t morning workouts the best?! Really been loving them this week… and, your boot camp looks fun! I’ve been a really bad blogger and blog reader lately… there just isn’t enough time in the week. Enjoy your weekend!

    • I say it every week…there are just not enough hours in the day. One of my big goals this year was to just be more present and sometimes that means less blog time which is totally okay! I do love the morning workout but the early ones are tough for me…although better now that the sun is up! The boot camp is at my yoga studio and I just love all the people and mix of exercises, running, TRX, intervals….you name it, we do it! I am still sore!

  5. Sounds like you did a darn good job, and I’m sure Cooper’s happy he got cuddles 🙂
    When I’m super busy I always carve out time to take Harold for walks- he needs it, and it’s so good for me to take the time out!

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