Five for Friday XXII

1. I’m so glad that I bought new placemats last weekend.  What else would Cooper nap on all day?





2. Super excited to volunteer at Beer Fest again tomorrow (and then hopefully sneak around and get some free samples)!



3. Yesterday, I had an early doctor’s appointment a few blocks from work. I wasn’t sure how ‘on time’ they’d run, so I made the appointment at 7:30am.  I was in and out in a half hour, but didn’t want to go into work too early.  Instead, I pulled into the forest preserve next door and went for a lovely morning stroll.  The bad news is that it was almost 90 degrees and humid so I arrived at work looking a bit sweaty with vertical bangs.  But, it was really fun to walk along, soaking in some fresh air before the hustle of the workday.







4. Confession: I’m having bike envy!  Every day at work, I see bikers riding by and I begin to crave the feeling of my feet clipped into the pedals and the wind in my hair helmet.  It seems like FOREVER since I’ve been out riding, and I’m not sure when I will have an hour to dust off my bike and take it out for a shake out ride.



5. This morning, I got up early for a rare Friday morning at the gym.  I only had 40 minutes but wanted to do a second strength workout before my busy weekend.  I quickly warmed up on the treadmill and then hit the weight room.  I decided to try Renee’s ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Back Workout followed by some ab work.  It was the perfect work day workout, challenging but fun!  I don’t typically have my phone with me, but brought it along to remember the exercises (my brain is usually fussy that early).  Motivated by all of you other bloggers, I attempted my first weight room selfie.  The room was crowded and I was super embarrassed so I just ended up with a blurry picture of me making a weird face!  I’ll keep practicing that one.  But really…go check out Renee’s workout photos and sweet back muscles!


IMG_20140509_063503570 IMG_20140509_065100264



Happy Friday my friends!!!

What are you doing this weekend?

16 thoughts on “Five for Friday XXII

  1. Hope you’re able to get out on the bike soon! It’s finally warming up in MSP, and it feels great to be out on two wheels… about to head out on a ride! Have a blast at the beer fest today!

  2. I have total bike envy, but this is mainly because I’ve been so lazy with buying myself a bike!! I love the place-mat bedding..haha.

  3. What a smart kitty. He has totally found a new use for the placemats ( after all a cat doesn’t need a placemat).

    Hope you get out on your bike soon. DH has returned from So Calif and said it was beautiful today.

  4. That selfie is hysterical. You look so nervous! 🙂 Hope the beer fest was awesome!
    The tri club puts on a mock tri every May and that happened today. So I volunteered which was fun. Big bike ride tomorrow but the weather should be good! 🙂

  5. Cooper is adorable!! I de-cluttered my whole house this weekend!! That is a huge task accomplished for me. I also made the grilled feta recipe that you posted. I didn’t grill it long enough but it was still good. I will definitely try it again, grilling it longer next time! Even the hubby liked it!

  6. Cooper is such a cool cat 🙂
    The forest preserve looks like a beautiful place for a walk (or run!).
    I, too, have bike envy. I just need to find the energy to clean off my bike and pump up my tires. Soon?

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