Florida Weekend Photo Dump

I’ve been to Florida a bunch of times since I started blogging.  Each trip has some of the same and always adds something new and exciting.  Like bumping into one of my readers at the airport before 6am…ha ha!




Hope you enjoy these pictures of family fun in the sunshine (aka photo dump)!




I already miss that sunshine!


IMG_20140426_165222367_HDR IMG_20140426_171535605 IMG_20140426_171542514






IMG_20140426_181300494 IMG_20140426_181320094















IMG_20140426_193003961_HDR IMG_20140426_194450247





Hope your weekend involves mojitos and sand between your toes!

13 thoughts on “Florida Weekend Photo Dump

  1. everything looks amazing! My idea of a vacation ALWAYS includes sand between my toes, sunshine and laughter. It looks like you had all that and more!

  2. Looks awesome, and I love your hat!
    My weekend definitely involved a few Caesar drinks! But, a tropical drink by a pool or on a beach sounds much better 🙂

    • The hat is a funny story…I saw it in Wisconsin while I was hiking last summer on a girl and thought ‘I love that hat’. Then walked into Target a few days later and found the hat, so I had to have it. I can’t wait for more beachy drinks! Fingers crossed spring is really here to stay!

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