#ThrowbackThursday #GrandpaAl

I intended to do a Marvelous Monday post about my wonderful weekend celebrating my Grandpa’s 102nd birthday in Florida.




But instead, I’m turning it into a #ThrowbackThursday dedicated to the man of the hour month!



Grandpa Al and I in the early 80’s


I can’t even find the words to describe how meaningful it was to celebrate this exciting milestone with a man who is adored and respected (and very well known), not just for being 102 years old, but because he is a truly kind and happy person.  Love you Gpa!

17 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday #GrandpaAl

  1. So sweet, and I love that lots of your family puts in the effort to celebrate with him! Is he your dad’s dad? They look a lot alike in the throwback photo!

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