Shine On!

Yesterday, we did a HUGE spring cleaning.  I went through closets and cabinets and ended up donating more than 3 full garbage bags of clothes.  The BOY needed a little convincing as he really doesn’t see the purpose in spring cleaning, but after relocating a few ‘lost’ items, he was eagerly engaged.  For me, purging my closets felt incredible and made room for some of the new spring clothes I’ve already bought : )


Our weekend is not your typical Easter weekend, but I look forward to it each year.  A beautiful sunny weekend with no plans…count me in for that!  Having a successful Saturday, I still had a little more cleaning and organizing to do.  But what I was really looking forward to on Sunday was a yoga class and a facial.  Although I accomplished a lot yesterday, I didn’t get my bike down and out and therefore, didn’t get in a workout.  It felt amazing to get back into the studio this morning!  The class was challenging and a spiritual and physical cleanse.  During our final relaxation, the instructor gave a fun analogy comparing us to gold to which he concluded, ‘shine on this week!’  I loved it!  We should all SHINE ON this week!




I had my heart set on Protein Bar (quinoa is okay on Passover!) for lunch, but they were closed.  Luckily, Potbelly next door was open and their new Mediterranean salad did not disappoint.  I only had a few minutes for lunch before heading over to the spa.




I was in need of a post winter facial and decided to use a few dollars from my tax refund to treat myself.




It was the BEST facial complete with a head, neck, arm, and foot massage.  It was absolutely divine!  I was even more relaxed and my skin was shining when I was finished and emerged back outside into the sunshine.  Although there was a short line at the Starbucks, I waited to sip down an extra large passion/green tea.  The perfect way to end my selfishly relaxing day!




Next up…

I have to pack!  I am working again tomorrow to make up for my weekend trip to Florida.

Believe it or not…it’s Grandpa Al’s 102nd Birthday!



12 thoughts on “Shine On!

  1. Sounds like an awesome day from start to finish!
    I really need to go through my clothes and donate lots. I don’t know why I hang on to some items!
    Woohoo- that’s awesome Florida is almost here 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great day! The weather was amazing here too! I love the feeling after I clean out closets and get rid of stuff. Happy Birthday to Grandpa. He looks amazing.

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