Five for Friday XXI

1.  I know I didn’t post very much this week.  That is because I haven’t really cooked since Monday and have been living on leftovers.  I also haven’t done much exercise and then cancelled tonight’s tennis time.



2.  I ended up canceling tonight’s tennis because I just wasn’t feeling it and after a long week, neither was the BOY.  What ended up happening was that my parents drove out to drop something off and we ended up having an awesome grilled Friday night dinner.





3.  Due to Passover, our meal was pretty basic…chicken, broccoli, and potatoes, but it was FANTASTIC!  The grill really does make everything taste better!





4.  BTW, don’t you love the BOY’s new shirt that I picked up in Peoria last weekend  Also, it snowed again this week!





5.  This weekend is all about spring cleaning and relaxation (I have a facial scheduled on Sunday).  I can’t wait!

Happy Friday Friends!

10 thoughts on “Five for Friday XXI

    • Me too! The winter has been so bad on my skin!
      Thank goodness for nice weather and weekends. I had time to make matzah meal pancakes this morning…so much better than our usual breakfast this week : )

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