Happy Birthday Cooper!




I can’t believe that it’s already been 8 months since we met Cooper.  Yet at the same time, he has been a part of our family from that very first day.  Having a kitten has been a BLAST and really kept us on our toes.  I have loved watching Cooper grow (literally, he is now twice his size) and explore (usually in the kitchen). 




He has graced the blog with his presence and shenanigans weekly and my phone is full of pictures of our adorable furry friend.  I’m so excited to celebrate Cooper’s first year today with extra cuddle time and a fancy dinner.  I hope that there are many more birthdays to come!




Ps Here is another post of cute sleeping kitten pictures.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Cooper!

    • Thank you Brittany! I have so many of him because he really is such a ham! For a present we are going to buy him a new litter box today. He has way outgrown his last one : )

  1. Happy first birthday, Cooper!! What’s the special dinner for him?!
    We take a photo of Harold in the exact same place every year. You should do that with Cooper! It’s fun to physically see their changes (like Harold’s greying beard each year)!

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