Heeello Spring!

We have missed you!  The arrival of above freezing temperatures happens to coincide perfectly with my newly refreshed and enthusiastic approach towards a healthy lifestyle!  I finally have a workout schedule figured out, went running outside, and have accepted the fact that I will be participating in a modified race schedule this year.  Meal planning is working well and I am adding in more protein and greens which has me craving way less junk.  Things are looking BRIGHT!




Since I was so late on my February/March goals, I figured I could get started on the April goals a wee bit early!


March was a great month!

It started with snow and birthday celebrations




And ended with rain (read melted snow) and an awesome weekend catching up with friends (and finally watching frozen)!




I made some awesome meals!  Mostly in the crockpot, but still, there were some non crockpot highlights…

Chicken Tamale Pie

Marbled Banana Bread

Sweet Potato and Quinoa Chili

Parmesan Brussel Sprouts


And let’s not forget that we can’t have a March without Irish Soda Bread and St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans!




Of course, Cooper was adorable and he continues to grow as he nears his 1st birthday.  He also continues to love the dishwasher, bath tub, and sink, where I caught him hiding one night this past week.  He thinks if he ducks down low, I won’t find him : )




I have finally gotten my workout schedule organized and made time for a spin class, yoga seminar, and tennis.  Needless to say, I am counting down the days until warm enough weather to bust out my bike.




I am ending the month feel strong, energized, and focused on what lies ahead!



February/March Goals

1. Decrease Sugar Intake

-This had been up and down, but the past 2 weeks I have definitely gotten my sugar consumption in check and am feeling really good and energized.


2. Build Strength

My muscle mass has increased (according to my trainer), so I am definitely on my way!


3. Play Tennis

-The BOY and I have been playing at least once a week.  I think we are getting better and are at least at a place where we can play a match and have fun with it.  Although my serve has a long way to go…


4. Sign up for Races

So after much thought and research, I have decided to wait until the fall for races.  The main reason is that this spring is very busy and I will not have the time to train that I need.



April Goals

1. Strength Train 2xweek

2. Do Yoga 1xweek (and do a workshop)

3. Unplug and Unwind

4. Drink More Water and Eat More Greens

5. Cook from your Cookbooks!



What are you most looking forward to this spring?

What are you April goals?

12 thoughts on “Heeello Spring!

  1. I need to come up with my April goals! Now that it’s warming up, one of them is definitely going to be to get out and about, walking more. By the way, I’ve made that chicken tamale pie, too – isn’t it tasty?

    • Oh it’s sooo good!
      I can’t wait to make it again! I love the idea of walking more. I”m going to see if I can figure out a way to walk during my lunch hour. I need some vitamin D!

  2. Great goals for April!! No tennis goals huh?!! 🙂
    My biggest goal is to get through the rest of my Big Sur training happy and healthy. I need to watch my sugar intake also. April is the hardest because it is my birthday month and everyone thinks they need to buy me a cupcake!! 🙂

  3. Hard to believe cooper is turning one soon 🙂
    You did really well with your march goals!
    I cannot wait for warmer weather to melt all our snow so I can hit the trails to run and try mountain biking more, get my road bike outside, and start camping!

  4. The picture of Cooper is so funny!! Good luck on your April goals. Wish I had an ounce of your motivation. I am hoping the warmer weather will help perk me up.

    • I am going to use it for motivation too! But yes, I have definitely been getting in my strength training. Seeing my muscles looking more toned is helping push me along!

  5. I have two goals for April:
    1) Get my taxes in on time
    2) Not go crazy
    Ambitious, I know.

    I’m with runnerbydefault. Your motivation is impressive!! I am in “just getting by” mode. Improvement will have to wait 🙂

    • Thanks! There is something about spring that makes me want to clean my house, cook up a storm, get my butt in shape, and just live! So glad I could share my motivation!

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