To Race or Not to Race?!

So you may have noticed that my 2014 Race Page is non existent!


This is by no means a reflection on my desire to train for and participate in a spring triathlon or half marathon.  It is just the reality of spring 2014 being packed to the brim.  For the past 2 years, I have run the Great Western Half Marathon in early May.  In some ways, it’s good that I am not running it this year.  Because of weather situations, I got out for a run in the sun for the first time TODAY!  And, it was too chilly this morning to go out for a run.  But by afternoon, the 55 degree weather was calling to me.  I have to say that being out running in the sun left me nothing less than happy and energized!




I left the boys working on dinner and hit the path for my first outdoor run in a long time (and I was wearing short sleeves!).  I chose an easy and comfortable pace and was shocked to clock in my first mile at 8:30.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve run, and I was overjoyed to be back in my running shoes.




I completed 4 miles keeping all of my miles under 9:00 minutes, which was hard work.  But totally worth it! 

So back to the race calendar…I won’t be running the Great Western Half because my brother’s fiancé has a wedding shower that day.  I do have a loaded Memorial Day weekend with the Soldier Field 10 Miler followed by Bike the Drive.  Beyond that…my race calendar is empty!  Sad news…I didn’t win the New York Marathon lottery : (




May is full with 2 wedding showers, family in town, and the BOY’s law school graduation.

In June, I am heading out of town 2 weekends in a row and July is my brother’s wedding, plus the BOY takes the bar.

Fingers crossed, the BOY and I will be taking a week long trip in August.  Plus August really isn’t my favorite month to race.  Which brings us to September…which is when I am hoping to do 1 or 2 running races.




For me, training for races is half the fun!  But it is time consuming to get up early and plan around 1-2 hours workouts.  I’ve done a handful of triathlons over the past 3 years and I am extremely sad that I won’t be doing one this year.  With my weekends packed, I just don’t have enough time to train for a healthy and safe race.  I am still planning to bike a bunch this summer and may even consider doing my first Century bike ride!




The benefit of a mostly race free spring, is that it will make it easy to keep up with my strength training and yoga. 

The bad thing is that I just really like weekend races!  But I know that I can pack a few in this fall (which is much quieter) and that there is always next spring!


What races are you doing this year?

How do you decide which races to do?

18 thoughts on “To Race or Not to Race?!

  1. Whew- you guys have a busy few months ahead! Exciting about your brother’s wedding (and all the festivities) and the boy’s grad!
    My race calendar is also empty. I have a few that I’d love run (10k up to half marathon) but I’m not signing up for any until right before. My leg has been too unhappy to put money down for any races.

    • That is tough! Good for your to focus on rest and recovery! For me, it definitely makes for a different year (without a marathon looming) but I think good things will happen!

  2. Great pics in this post! LOVE Cooper’s expression in the first one. And you showing off your # in that last one. I haven’t done a triathlon in a couple of years and that pic brings back memories. Now I want to do another triathlon!

    I have the hardest time deciding which races to do. I want to do so many! A century ride has been on my mind for a while, too. Too many things I want to do!

    • I always feel that way like I have so many things I want to accomplish in just one race season. I’d love to do a century ride and wish I had a biking buddy to train with. We have some great places to ride but 2-3 hour bike rides are always more fun with friends! Best of luck to you deciding! And thanks for the comment about the pictures. That first one cracked me up so I had to add it!

  3. Love your kitchen windows. I just love tons of light. I have big windows like that but not on my kitchen they are on the opposite side in my dining and living room. I love them, it’s great to be able to see everything outside.

    I’m always picking races usually dep on prices, I try to book them early for this reason. I try to pick one or two monthly. I am also always on the look for freebies or really cheap ones. There’s one 5k for $15 next month and its just couple of blocks from home. Probably the route is the one I usually do on the weeks, that’s how close it is. There’s a 1/2 marathon for $10, isn’t that a steal?? This one is about 2 hours away but still it’s a great deal. I’m planning 3 half ‘s for this year, that’s my major goal. Only thing is that I’ve been kinda lazy in the training dep. I need to begin on those long runs. Have you ever been like this, you love to run, you do your workouts but somehow feel too lazy for a long run?! I need to snap out of it. The one that I told u about, for $10, is on July so that’s pretty soon.

    • Wow! Those are amazing prices! I hate how expensive races are and didn’t do a half here in chicago last year because it was over 100$!!!

      Do I ever feel that way? For sure! Especially if I am stressed or busy. I forgot how good I feel after the long run. Before hand, it seems so daunting, but I focus on the fact that it is 90 minutes of ME time and I love that! If you are really stuck. Tell yourself that you will walk/run it. Chances are that once you’re out there you’ll run the whole thing, but it does get me out the door sometimes.

      Best of luck with all of your races!!! and training!!!

  4. I have a packed race schedule! (per the usual) I am doing Big Sur marathon. Ironman Canada. Hood to Coast. NYC marathon. I am busy training and not much else. We are taking a vacation after Ironman which I am super excited about.
    I decide usually based on what races I like, who I am racing with(or at least going with), and it is usually a year in advance. I tend to go with bigger races that sell out quick. Also if I know I am going to do a race and the price goes up during the year I sign up for it when it is the cheapest!! 🙂

    • How did you get into NY? I am so jealous!
      I am always so inspired by your race calendar and love that you go big! I also love your support system of races! I can’t wait to read all about your amazing year!

  5. Don’t you wish Spring and Summer were as long as Winter feels? Summer will fly by with a packed schedule like that! My weekends are filling up too. The only race I have planned is a half marathon in Alaska in June.
    I wanted to mark Oregon or Alaska off of my states list this year so we chose to do Alaska.

  6. Don’t worry about not have a full race calendar at all! It ebbs + flows, and that’s ok. I only have four races on my calendar, and a couple of them are tentative. Races will always be there! Those fun family events won’t, so go for those! Also, I ran outside in the sunshine for the first time this spring last week… it was heavenly! I had forgotten what warm sunshine on the skin felt like 🙂

    • Me too! So glad that you are back on your feet and running. It feels wonderful to be outside…yesterday I was hopping at an outdoor mall. So nice! Thanks for the pep talk. I needed it! It’s tough to scale back sometimes and I know I will miss not doing a tri this year!

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