Five for Friday XX

1.  Thank you guys for all of your awesome brussel sprout suggestions!  The BOY and I will definitely be eating more sprouts this spring!



2. The BOY and I had our second Friday night tennis date tonight.  We played from 8-9pm and instead of practicing strokes with the ball machine, we warmed up, practiced serving, and then played a few games.  Although I’m still not as good as the BOY, I did beat him in 2 games and was in the process of beating him in a third when we ran out of time.





3.  I have a new Starbucks obsession.  It’s Chai tea with steamed soy milk.  It is creamy, filling, and takes care of one of my servings of dairy every day.  Ok, so I don’t have one every day, but I wish I did : )





4.  Cooper created a new game this morning.  I call it Ice Cube in a Box, and I totally went along with it because it meant that I could eat my breakfast in peace without him stealing my eggs.


IMG_20140328_064908609 IMG_20140328_065209251




5.  I have watched basically none of March Madness this year.  Usually, I am way more into it, but with Indiana not making the tournament and my weeks being really busy, I just haven’t turned on any games.  I’m hoping to catch up on some basketball this weekend…starting right now.


Does your pet steal your breakfast?

Are you watching the tournament?

11 thoughts on “Five for Friday XX

  1. My “pet” doesn’t steal food off the table but will sit and drool down your leg or on your foot because DH likes to give him “last bite”. That being said,however, if we leave the house and he’s not in his crate (ie DS is watching him) he will steal anything and everything off the counters or stove. He took an entire pan of roasted beets off the stove and ate them-very interesting poops for a couple of days.

    I am on Spring Break (woohoo) and am looking forward to getting my exercise routine tweaked.

  2. Our cats will stick their noses in our food, then decide if it’s worth eating or not. We don’t mind until we have company over. Apparently some people don’t like cats sticking their noses in their food.
    I don’t ever watch sports. I love chai with soy milk, though!

    • I know…I feel terrible when my mom swings by and Cooper’s nose is in her drink and all over her plate. She handles it well but we usually send him to his ‘room’ for guest dinner time because other wise he has eaten more than our friends…ha ha!

  3. So fun that you two have tennis dates, love that! I’m going to start lessons with Brandon once he’s home, as long as he’s not too competitive with me! Love chai tea, it’s the best. I’ll have to try it with soy!

  4. I love your bangs- they look awesome!
    And I think I’m going to make Kelly attempt to play some tennis with me this summer!
    Ha ha- Harold used to be the WORST with trying to eat our food. Since we figured out all his allergies a few years ago, he’s on a strict diet so knows we won’t share many things. However, if we eat edamame beans or tear lettuce, it’s another story 🙂

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