Five for Friday XIX {Why Winter Needs to be Over Edition}

1. My poor hands…




They have aged at least 15 years this winter.  They are dry, wrinkled, and covered in bandaids from all of the cracks and cuts.  And my face….ugghh! As soon as I have my tax return, I will be scheduling a facial!



2. Speaking of Aging…

My poor car!  Yesterday the back door froze shut and I couldn’t open it, but then I couldn’t close it.  I got myself up super early and out the door on a cold, dark morning for a strength class at the new gym and almost couldn’t get there.  It’s sad to admit but I also lost my Chevy decal off the front of my car this winter.  It’s pathetic!



3.Grill Season

The BOY is a master griller (if I do say so myself) and I am ready for some tasty grilled meats and veggies.  Not only does this mean that he shares/takes over dinner, but we always leftovers.  My crockpot is ready for a well deserved vacation.




Plus, the grill brings everyone in the neighborhood outside.  We live in a townhouse and I haven’t seen my neighbors since October.



4. Running, Biking, and Races (Oh My!)

Of course we can’t forget about tennis.  I guess any outdoor workout will do. I am craving some sunshine and vitamin D!  And I really miss my bike!  And I really, really need a race to train for.





5. Longer Days!

See #4 for explanation on sunshine and vitamin D.  Really, I am just sick of waking up to dark skies and driving home after sunset.  I love long days with early morning outdoor workouts and evening’s spent outback at the grill.  Think of how lovely my (bandaid free) hands will look holding a fresh, cold beer : )



Why are you ready for winter to be over?

21 thoughts on “Five for Friday XIX {Why Winter Needs to be Over Edition}

  1. 1. My hands are all cracked, too! Those little cuts hurt 😦
    2. I have more clothes (running and regular) for summer. That means more options and less frequent washing. Win/win!
    3. I can eat ice cream without shivering
    4. Running to swimming holes

  2. Yesterday was so pretty so I ran and walked outside (I even went with NO sunscreen to soak up a little more D).
    I am a Southern California girl who grew up on the beach so I won’t bore you with ALL the ways I am over winter just suffice it to say I am.
    I am also sporting those lovely bandaids-at one point this week I couldn’t even type because they kept hitting the wrong keys!

  3. SO ready. This has been the longest and coldest winter I can remember. I’m most excited to bike outside again! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  4. I *think* winter is over here. We’ve been having some days in the 80s and then back to the 40s, but it seems like we’re done. For which I am so grateful. I get very chapped hands and chapped lips. And this winter, I managed to chap my eyelid. So that’s super attractive. :/ I hope things warm up for you soon!

    • Oh I am so beyond jealous! We might get the 50’s tomorrow which will be wonderful! My hands and lips need it! Luckily I invested in a fancy eye cream pre winter, so my eyes seem to be the only thing surviving…ha ha!

  5. Amen!! The race in Chicago totally did me in today!! I have never had my face freeze like it did today. There were even spots of black ice on the race course. I spent the whole race mentally planning my move to Florida!!

  6. YES! I am sick of this bipolar weather!! I need it to stay a little bit cool though for running. When I say cool I mean 50s and 60s 😉 Summer triple digit temps down here in TX are oppressive 🙂

  7. I hope mother nature eases up on you guys soon. I would be SO DONE at this point. We’ve had a really easy, dry winter, so I’m not in a hurry either way. A dry winter = massive wildfire threats and we live right on a canyon. I’m probably the only person hoping for winter and rain to stick around a little longer!!

  8. I am ready for winter to end before it even starts. I like warm weather. We have had a pretty calm winter especially considering the winter you and most of the country have had!!! 😦 I will be excited to get outside and ride my road bike. I love the longer days as well!!! Come on spring hurry and get here!

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