Five for Friday XVIII

1.  Thank you guys so much for your awesome comments on my This is the REAL Me…post.  Did anyone do a Keeping It Real post of their own?  Link it out in the comments!  I probably should have started that post by thanking you guys for being such amazing friends and readers that I feel comfortable sharing myself, faults and all, with you each week.





2.  The Polar Vortex tried to kill my car.  True Story!  On Wednesday, I tried to go to the bank during my lunch hour.  I made it out of my parking lot and my car stopped at the light.  When the light turned green, my car did not proceed into the intersection as planned completely pissing off the truck driver behind me who handled the situation by honking and yelling.  Like don’t you think I would get moving if I could?!  Every time I hit the gas, the car revved but wouldn’t move.  I was able to move my car forward enough so the angry truck could get around (who do you think is having a worse day, man, me or you?).  Thankfully, my car kicked in and I got through the intersection and back to my parking lot.



3.  To assist me in my time of need, my wonderful mother came out Wednesday night to trade cars so that my car could go to the shop near my parents house and I could take hers to work and the bank.  I had enough salmon and veggies to share (what we were able to keep away from Cooper anyways).  We  chatted, had a glass of wine, and played with baby C.  I think my mom spoils him : )





4.  The last Friday of the month, my new gym has a free guest day.  The BOY and I decided to take full advantage of this by reserving a tennis court.  We could only get an 8pm time, so after work we grabbed a sandwich (from our favorite local place), picked up some indoor tennis balls (and a new racket for the BOY) at Sports Authority, and then went to the gym.






We were able to get the ball machine, which was really fun!  It allowed me to practice my swing and by the end, I think it looked a little better.  I loved having an active Friday date night and it felt fantastic to pound away at tennis balls after a busy work week.  Can you say stress relief?!



5.  All of this is leading up to why despite my best attentions, I didn’t get any recipes posted this week.  I have some good ones (spoiler alert…two new banana bread recipes), so will work on getting those out this weekend.  There’s a rumor that a huge snow storm is coming our way, which will give me plenty of blogging time.



And to end with some GOOD NEWS…my car was easily (and inexpensively) able to be fixed.  The Malibu lives on!

10 thoughts on “Five for Friday XVIII

  1. I really want to do a keeping it real post. I took some pics at the pool the other day…actually trying to work on another project but thought I would combine the 2!! we will see if I can get my act together and get something published! 🙂
    Sorry about your car…and getting stuck in an intersection with a mad man honking behind only adds to the stress! Glad it worked out ok!! Glad that you are getting to play more tennis!! Jealous!!

  2. So glad your car is ok. I know the feeling. I drive a 2001 Explorer and I am just waiting for the day that it quits on me. I love not having a payment so I hope it runs forever!!! I wish we had different sandwich shops like Which wich in our area. I can only eat so much Subway.

    • Ah I’m not a big Subway fan but I do like me some Jimmy Johns. Which which is really my favorite though! And yup I hear you on the no car payment! I have a 2001 too!

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