This is the REAL Me…

So I did read Lauren’s Post about Keeping It Real, but it wasn’t until I saw Erin’s post that I was inspired to make one of my own.  On a daily basis, I keep things pretty real.  I think you guys probably see me dressed down often than dressed up.  My hair color is ‘all natural’, which is really just because I can’t afford color and not because I don’t want it : )  I don’t wear make up often.  I wear my hair curly (air dried) almost as often as straight.  And you will mostly find me bra-less at home in soft pants rocking my 8 year old glasses.




I’m not judging anyone who does things differently.  Partially, this is just the nature of my job that does not require me to be dressed in a suit, with perfected hair, and classy make up.  Working as a pediatric therapist means that I can wear comfy khaki’s with a bright colored shirt, and funky socks.  I have most holidays represented in socks, including Easter and Hanukkah.  It’s not glamorous, but it’s just how I roll!




That being said, I do try to choose my more attractive ‘selfies’ for the blog.  Is there anyone who doesn’t?

But the truth is, I have dark circles, my teeth aren’t white, gray hairs keep popping up (literally straight up), and rolls along my middle (those are probably my least favorite and I’d rather not talk about them further).  Even from my pre blogger days, I have PLENTY of action Keeping It Real pictures on my computer.  I spent some time searching through them and it was easy to find some raw (and embarrassing) photos that didn’t make the blog and I’m not exactly sure why I saved…it was harder to narrow down which ones to post. 


Confession: I did find a few that were just too REAL to share, even with you my friends.

But in return, I will start with a throwback REAL (pre blow dryer) picture…


Jen and Jessie 7th Grade 001

7th Grade


And in the spirit of Keeping It REAL


This is the REAL Me…Training and Racing


















And the worst (never before seen)…post Hot Yoga Sweat




This is the REAL Me…Loving Some Vitamin N (Nature)











This is the REAL Me… At Home















What is the REAL you???

16 thoughts on “This is the REAL Me…

  1. Great post! It seems like we’re pretty similar on the home front. I do currently have to wear “real clothes” to work but you can bet that I change into sweats within 5 minutes of walking into my apartment most days.

  2. OMG!!! Those are great photos! Thanks for sharing!! You do keep it real all the time!! 🙂 I didn’t see Laurens post until Erin put it up. I was so bad at taking pictures before I started blogging…I don’t really have any. I have to see if I can find some oldies but goodies!! I keep it real by not wearing make up, only washing my hair after I swim(unless I have a hot date), I am not a big shopper so I’m still wearing clothes that I bought 5+ years ago!! I would rather spend money on my experiences than my looks! 🙂

    • Oh that is soo good and so true!
      Thanks for your comment. I am a HUGE photo girl! I have at least 15 albums from my elementry through high school days in my parents basement with plenty of REAL pics : ) I am so lucky to have a community who supports the REAL me!

  3. Love this post!! I think you always keep it real. Your personality really shines through on the blog. And seriously, why do gray hairs stick straight out?! As if they aren’t obvious enough. Your real you and my real me are very similar. Working from home, I rarely wear makeup or do my hair (or wear a bra, LOL) unless I have to go out. That would probably explain the lack of selfies on my blog, but maybe I’ll consider posting some au natural pics 😉

    • Go for it!
      It’s fun to look back through old photos and find the ones that didn’t make it : ) I agree that our REAL selves would get along well! Confession: sometimes I even go out without a bra…ha ha!

  4. OMG!! How do you take such great selfies? I have tried a few times and lets just say they all get deleted immediately! I also love that most of them are workout selfies!! 🙂

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