Foodie Finds {Las Vegas}

I know that you guys are all asking yourselves…how did I get the BOY out hiking in Las Vegas???




Nope…it’s not his undying love and devotion to me…




We promised him In and Out Burger : )




I certainly joke about the BOY’s love of food on the blog, but I have to say that having a ‘Foodie’ boyfriend has it’s benefits!  We eat very well when we are on vacation and Las Vegas was no exception.




And I’m not just talking about this ginormous turkey sandwich from the deli?!




Here are a few of our favorite Las Vegas meals…





Sushi Samba (Venetian)





Julian Serrano’s (Aria)







Carnegie Deli (Mirage)

I recommend going for breakfast and dessert (not at the same time…or maybe at the same time?!)







American Fish (Aria)


IMG_20140207_212846506 IMG_20140207_212920420_HDR





*Best brussel sprouts I’ve ever tasted!



Secret Pizza (Cosmopolitan)

Hint: It’s on the third floor and tough to find!


IMG_20140208_205841475 IMG_20140208_205829446


IMG_20140208_205924174 IMG_20140208_210203618



5 Fifty (Aria)




IMG_20140208_213129229 IMG_20140208_214717412

*I recommend the truffle pizza!


Serendipity (Outside Caesars)




IMG_20140209_101458327 IMG_20140209_103231903



And for Dancing and Booze…


1Oak (Mirage)





Chandelier Bar (Cosmopolitan)


IMG_20140207_191715296 IMG_20140207_191722220_HDR





Happy Eating (and drinking) in Las Vegas!





Do you like to try new restaurants when you travel?

What are your foodie finds?

13 thoughts on “Foodie Finds {Las Vegas}

  1. I swear In n Out has magical powers. You can get a man to do anything with the promise of their goodness 😉 You made it to some great restaurants! Love Champagne Bar and Sushi Samba!! I haven’t hung out in Aria at all, but I’m keeping this page handy for my next trip.

  2. So I’m looking through these food photos, and I’m like, “That one looks really good. No wait, the next one looks even better! And that’s even tastier looking!” etc. etc. I now want a waffle and some pizza for dinner. 🙂 Glad you guys were able to check out some great places to eat on your trip!

  3. Mmmmm…. In and Out burger is so awesome. I also love Serendipity but I have never eaten at the one in Vegas, just NYC and Miami. Of all the gorgeous food pics you posted, who would think that I would be most excited about trying brussel sprouts? Those look great!

    • I have been craving them since our trip so we made some tonight. So yummy! I had never been to Serendipity but I loved it. Can’t wait to go back and this time I”m ordering frozen hot chocolate.

      • The frozen hot chocolate is amazing. You can buy the packets and make it at home too. I think they sell them on the Serendipity website.

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