Five for Friday XVII

1. Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of the holiday, I wore my favorite (and totally obnoxious) fringe heart shirt with matching socks to work today.  It’s possible that my coworkers at my new job think I’m crazy!



2. We had plans to do a ValenThai night (bringing in Thai), but in a last minute change, the BOY picked up Mediterranean…ValenTerranean just doesn’t have the same ring : ) but tastes just as delicious!





3. Staying in for dinner tonight is perfect.  I am exhausted adjusting back to the cold weather and early morning work week.  I got up before 6am for my strength class yesterday and Cooper was singing to us at 5:30am today.  Yuck!  We do have reservations to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Season’s 52 tomorrow.



4. Are you watching any of the Olympics???  I have been catching pieces here and there this week.  I’m a total Olympic junkie, but check out who else is getting in on the action.


IMG_20140214_195549085 IMG_20140214_195544882 IMG_20140214_195542569 IMG_20140214_195633498_HDR


Got him!

Even better than a laser pointer…right?!



5. Tomorrow, my mom and I are taking our second yoga workshop of the year.  The first one was a little more physical working on sun salutation.  This one has more of a mental focus.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!



What are you doing this Friday?

10 thoughts on “Five for Friday XVII

  1. OMG!! Cooper is hilarious!! I love the Olympics. I am realizing though that I enjoy the Summer Olympics a little better. I think it is because of the running.

    • Yes…the running, tri’s, and gymnastics just get me every time. I think all of the ariel snow stuff is pretty neat to watch though. It was sooo funny watching him try to capture the skiier on his way down the hill and how proud he was when he got him!

  2. We haven’t turned off the Olympics since opening ceremonies 🙂 Have a wonderful time at the yoga workshop today… excited to hear about it!

  3. Cooper is such a little ham. I’ve used laser pointers on my kitties before but this is way better. You get to sit back and put in zero effort 🙂 Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s day after a week back in reality. We stayed in too, but now I wish we had thought of ValenThai! Or ValenTerranian. haha.

    • We did our dinner out tonight at Season’s 52 which was a BLAST. So we actually have one of the laser pointers that moves on it’s own. It is the only way that we can eat because Cooper is always so intersted in our food…ha ha! The skiers were an awesome and unexpected distraction!

  4. I love the summer Olympics! I am glued to the TV when they are on. I have been getting more into the winter Olympics since Torino! So I have been watching them a good amount of time! 🙂
    Had a fun Valentines day at home with dinner and dessert. Going to a cooking class tonight!!
    I hope your workshop is going awesome!!

  5. Ooh, your workshop sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun! I’ve been watching the Olympics while I run on the treadmill, which I find to be really motivational and I think I’ll miss it when the Olympics are over. I LOVE the idea of Valen-thai. And now I want some Thai food. 🙂

    • He he! We always love Thai around here but it took awhile to find a good place in our neighborhood. I think the Olympics are really motivational too! Have you heard of Gabriel? He does a lot of teaching in Chicago and the burbs?

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